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Sensational Saturday!

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Hallo! I woke early but lay in bed trying desperately to get back to sleep. No luck. And thenthe postie came and delivered my order from Kemps. Yay!


No great plans for today. My SiL and two lovely nieces are supposed to be coming round in the early evening so I'm really looking forward to that. Will be playing with the kittens quite a bit I think as they're getting really adventurous and quite mischevious now, though one is a proper little lap cat!


Aside from that, kniitng and/or crochet is on the horizon too.


Sorry to hear you're not feeling so hot today Buzy. Hope you pick up soon.


Hope you all have a great day!




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Morning all!


Buzy, I felt rotten too this morning - my DH had to fetch me painkillers in bed before I could even contemplate getting out of bed! I have so much to do today too!


Alex is off to a party tomorrow so have to go out for a present and card, have to get groceries and pay some bills. We have friends over for dinner tonight (grown-ups! Real grown-up conversation! Yey!) but DH said he would cook, bless him, by that he means he'll order Chinese!


Nearly finished the back of my Just Bamboo top - I'm racing through it as I'm aching to wear it, the colour is Oriental Blue and I have the perfect cream dress trousers and white wedges to go with it. I had a delivery of silver beads today - feeling inspired to give it a try as it didn't look too daunting in the LK mag!


I live just around the corner from Kemps shop so I may have to pop in again today! They have Wendy 100% wool for 99p and some beautiful alpaca. I'm thinking of starting Christmas presents, gloves and socks with it. They have a bargain bin too and I love rummaging through that. I got some Eco Wool in grey for 59p last time! Will make a lovely hat for my wee boy.


Have a great day everyone! xx

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morning all!!!!


well, HRMilkiness slept in till 7 am this morning, after waking at 4 am. I thought i'd get some of my cardi done but no, the dog had been sick................ then again.....................and again.........................times this by 3!!!!!! poor lad, have locked him in the kitchen, my carpets wont take much more, the quarry tiles are more forgiving.


have avon deliveries this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon, but planning more knitting - cant remember the name of the pattern, but i'll post a pic once its finished!



hope those who feel rubbish get well soon!



have a lovely day everyone



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Morning all, sunny here in Derbyshire. I'm venturing into enemy terrority today (Nottingham) with my daughter and son to meet my friend and her daughter and son for some shopping. The boys are going to the park to play footie while we shop.


Angel - when did you order from Kemps as I've made a order yesterday and wondered how long delivery took.


Julie - lucky you living near to the store. Buying off the internet is not quite the same as going into the store and touching the yarn. I've knit that bamboo top and am wearing it today. It's lovely. I just ordered the wool from Kemps to make another one.


Hope you all have a lovely day whatever you're doing.

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Hey ho!


Just another manic Saturday.


Once DD1 has finally got her behind in gear we're all going to walk up to Tesco (about 1.5 miles away) to get a few bits. DD1 wants some cleanser and moisturiser and I need to get DD2 a wash bag for next weeks residential trip (and some biscuits/cakes to share).

On the first night away they have a bit of a tea party, everyone brings something and it all gets stuck out ,buffet style, and people help themselves. I think this years will be a bit special as one the Gran of one of the boys is a baker, and always produces mountains of buns and cakes whenever theres something going on at school. %-P


Other than our trip to Tesco, Ive nothing much planed - just get the washing on and wait for a couple of people to call round for some bits I put on Freecycle yesterday.


I had a clean out of the lean-to yesterday (the passage that runs up the side of the house, roofed over and with a door at each end its an extra room/storage space). I was expecting a plumber to come and fix my leaking loo so I thought I had better tidy up a bit out there. :roll: There was loads of stuff that had been 'stored' out there so I went through it and chucked the broken bits and put the good stuff (which I no longer need/want onto Freecycle. Have got rid of some old CD cases, a chrome book stand and wine rack, a coffee maker, a CD rack and some dog bowls. Still waiting for takers on a gents anorak and another CD rack, but theres no hurry.

Plumber didnt arrive when expected (am) so I finally gave up and took the dog for a walk at 3pm, leaving DD1 at home (on a non-pupil day). Typical- plumber arrived while I was out and fixed the loo in about 5 minutes! Still at least its not awash out there any more :-) And I dont have to paddle when I piddle :cheese:


Sorry to hear theres so many poorly again today - lets hope the day improves for all


Take care all and keep clicking

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Hey Dee glad your loo fixed although I'm surprised they did it with only your daughter there. Lived in social housing back in UK - had a leak in the bathroom but had to go out as they did not come when stated, like for you and my eldest son was 17 and on a day off college and they refused to fix it because there wasn't anyone 18 or over in the house!!!


Buzy & Julie - hope you both start to feel better soon or perkier at least.


Everyone else I haven't mentioned - Hello!!

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