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What do you most LIKE about knitting

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well you know what I mean yeah?

when no one's there or everyone's just busy and all you can here is a nice click.

at the minute I'm untangling (still) this wool and have started a new thing with different wool.

But now I find no 3.5mm needles.


well i'll wait for a week or so until brian gets paid.

then I can get some.

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Hey guys, great question and fab answers. I'm definitely with you Littlemiss! My OH commented the other day it should be made widely available to all with MH problems as it had done so much for me - bless his cottons. :)


There's so much I love about knitting. Mostly it's the feel of the yarn (and the colours) as I knit and how it takes me away from my brain wandering off into danger. I love having something finished that's perfect (well, wearable and not full of holes in the wrong places - you know what I mean!) and the smug grin of satisfaction I get when someone says "that's a nice jumper" and the look of shock and awe and raw admiration on their face as I reply "I made it". Ah bliss, I don't know how I managed without my knitting! :cheese:


And yes, knitting is officially cool at the moment, but that's OK - it just means we're cooler than the people who think they're cool and worry about the 'Coolness stakes'. heh heh, nice having the upper hand isn't it! :cheese:

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