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Beading Journal Giveaway

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Does anyone understand when the closing date is for competitions/giveaways in Issue 3? I would like to write a book review to win a beading journal, but don't understand when he deadline is (don;t want to waste my time!!). Thanks for your help :)

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Hi everyone,


If you would like to enter any of the giveaway competitions, where you tick the boxes and send off your form, the closing date for that is when the magazine goes off sale, so in issue 3 you've got until June 25th to send in your forms.


There's not strictly a closing date for the book reviews, we love receiving them so email it over to me, and we'll try and get it into whatever issue it is we're working on at the time. But as a general rule, we go to press a couple of weeks before the mag goes on sale. So we've just put issue 4 to press (you'll love it by the way!) and it will be on sale on June 26th.


So if you send me a review now, it may get into issue 5. We go to press with issue 5 around July 10th. But if you don't get it in on time there's not really a closing date, because they're not time sensitive they just roll over and we use them if we need them.


Hope that all makes sense! I look forward to receving the reviews!


Emily :)

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