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Does one sock count as finished? ;)

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Thank you everyone :)


MT - yes I did knit just one mitten too hehehe! But the only reason I didn't knit the other one was because I made the first one a bit too small, it fits but the cuff is more on the bottom of my hand than wrist!


I definitely have SSS! I'm glad to hear I'm not alone! That's quite a good idea to knit a different sock, then go back to knitting the pair to my first sock I will have to give it a go.


I've never knitted a sock on two needles before, is it easier than using DPNs?

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I would love to knit socks as I love all the sock yarn that I covet when going to the wool shop (and dont even get me started on the scrummy noro yarn!) but as a newbie it all looks a bit much, especially when DPNs, turning the heel and all the other jargon that I would LOVE to be able to use, but just don't understand at the moment.

So, can anyone point me towards a REALLY easy site for instructions? I have tried a few (cafe knit etc) but they are not basic enough for me (bearing in mind my supplies are free from magazines or charity shops) :-)


thanks as I am sitting here bare footed at the moment, but its only XXX days to Christmas!!!!!!! (and I am a SLOW knitter :coolsmile:

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