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I'm always searching for good podacsts as well. My absolute favourite is Yarn Craft.

It's an american one from the Lion Brand yarn company and each episode has a theme and they discuss various patterns related to that. A lot of them are free which is really great.


Also, just wanted to mention that you do not need to download ITunes or a similar, and you can frequently listen to podcasts on the website.


Has anyone found a good podcast directory with a lot of knitting/craft podcasts? I've only just started looking through and the majority seem to be about gardening, as everything crafty is categorised under craft.

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Hi have read the previous posts with interests as i have an ipod and was thinking about downloading podcasts for knitting and also history. Bit sad I know!

Anyway, Lets Knit usually have mention 3 or 4 podcasts and their websites. I have never tried these as yet but will have a go later on tonight as watching the grand prix.

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