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Happy Monday

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]Oh Buzy, I'm not mean, I would have done the washing for her :lol: and ironed it!

You will have to post your pud recipe on Sel's new food thread :-)


I know you would Susie - I would do the same. How do I get my recipe on Sel's food thread.? Sorry you know I'm a techie dinosaur!!

Have you planned what you're going to do with your mum or is that reliant on the weather? Bet you're VERY excited!!

Buzy :)


Hi Buzy, you may just have accidentally deleted or moved the quotes :-)

Not long spoke to my mum and I mentioned the washing machine and she said "well I'm just treating it as if I'm going abroad" and my dad pipes up "You are going abroad!"


Well if its raining I will just give her a brolly and we will go into town - she loves shopping. Will probably take her for a sight seeing ride in the car if OH is around otherwise I will take her to the park rain or shine :cheese:


With your recipe if you have it on your pc in a word type document just try copying and pasting it into your post :-)

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