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Happy Monday

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Happy Birthday Angel .

When I worked I always made sure that I had booked the day off - and it wasnt because I was too tight to buy cakes for everyone :lol: I just felt that no-one should have to work on their birthday.

Not much planned for the rest of the day. cars in garage having MOT work done so waiting for that also waiting for work to arrive(due anytime from now till 3)

Weathers iffy so tumble drying the laundry and doing some knitting

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Happy birthday Angel! Morning everyone else!!


I'm just having lunch with Ellie then off to town to get more coathangers as my mum is coming tomorrow, her case already here and I've run out already and so much more stuff to hang yet! You'd think she was coming for a month not a week!


Good luck Dee with the MOT - hey that rhymes :lol:

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Hello everyone,


Wow look at you all with your multiple cupcakes!! You've obviously been gassing over the weekend


Shattered after my weekend and busy at work today - can't wait to get home, put my feet up and do some knitting (doing the Casey sunglasses case pattern - so pleased with it so far - I thought it'd be really difficult but it's not and looks impressive!!) Spent all day hungover yesterday. Not good. Far too old for drinking and dancing to the wee small hours now. Cracking Apprentice final last night, which I managed to stay awake for!


Six sets of property particulars to get typed before I can leave though so I'd best crack on! Looking for full time work though so that we can actually afford to pay our bills so have been sending off loads of applications - cross your fingers for me!!


Hope you have a lovely birthday Angel and the same for you Sharon tomorrow.

Su2ie - can't believe you have to buy more coathangers for your mum's visit!! Having said thta, I never have enough when all mine and OH'sclothes are cleaned and ironed (fortunately, that never happens!), yet still refuse them when they offer them to me in shops because they don't fit in the bags very well and poke me in the legs!

Dee - good luck with the MOT work



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