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Happy Monday

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Hi all, What've you all got planned for today? The sun's out at the moment here in Derbyshire but don't think it's going to last long. Unfortunately I've got work today. Daughter's got Guides later so I'll get my needles out while I wait for her. Going to nip into my local wool shop at lunch and get some wool for my next project. Going to have a go at Havana from LK (May issue) as Anniebabes looks so lovely. Nearly finished my top from SK so must get something to move onto. Oh and must get my 4mm circular needle to finish off my bag.


Have a great day today.

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Morning all, 'tis drab weather here and threatening rain clouds are gathering overhead. One of the local radio stations' vans were up my road this morning so not sure what's going on there. Must be something to do with the school???


Went to the Ravelry Day on Saturday. It tipped it down and it was freeeeezing! It was a bit of a wash-out as a result, but myself and my friends had a good day nonetheless and bagged ourselves some nice wool to console ourselves with - well, it would have been rude not to! :cheese: I got some yummy hand dyed sock wool, 80% bamboo 20% wool from, err, oh bother I've forgotten. But they famously hand dye everything and the chap on the stand was lovely.


Am absolutely shattered this morning. Off to get a cuppa! :)

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