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What project are you working on?

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I am trying to knit a simple dishcloth with some craft wool I took out a kit(I didn't like the pattern don't know what possessed me to buy it!).

It is one from america I think not my own design.

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Yeah I was thinking of it as I was getting so frustrated with the stupid knit picks pattern.

it's quite easy this ,it says Emily's Dischcloths and she has a few variations on a theme.


It's a moss stitch border with stocking stitch and i'm on the bit where the real pattern should appear.

It is about 57 rows long and I am on row 15/about to start row 15 that is to say.

if it's correct a heart should start to appear.

the way i see it i can't concentrate enuff to do a big thing so I might as well at most it will waste some wool I was planning to chuck anyway at best I get free dishcloths and don't line poundland's pockets anymore than I already have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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oh thanks sharon but idon't know how to.

I typed it into google though if you do that then bookmark it on your pc you can go back to it over and over agin.(it's actually a download but as I am not great with my adobe pdf my hubby said just bookmark it).

Also it is free to anyone ,but I think if I linked to it it is copyright and I'm not sure I 'd be able to email it!



also typing in a hurry as it's ten to three have to collect sam from school!

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