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I just remembered a thread I liked...I can't remember it's title, but the theme was how much we don't like moths, and ended up with lavender being the way to stop them leaving their babies in your stash.

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I was going to mention Avon, but I thought that might be mean, I guess there just isn't enough of a market for "post pregnancy knees serum"



You're done it again!!!! made me laugh I mean.


I wouldnt have thought you were mean RC7, I'd have just listed what I have used to try and get rid of my knees... so to speak :)


I might refer it to Avon, If they make me a millionaire, I'll buy you 100g yarn of your choice as a thanks! :cheese:




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Katy; (Been reading my Elizabeth Zimmerman book last night )


what is the name of the book then? is it a knitty one??????


Sel x


hidey ho Sel xx


Its the Knitters Almanac - a project for each month of the year. Took ages to come though unfortunately, had to SHOUT (in type) at them to get it delivered - silly Amazon marketplace seller (sorry CB if I shouldnt have mentioned this)



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