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Hello to each and everyone of you very nice knitters . You are not nutty or bonkers you are just you . I love keeping up with all the knitting banter . I couldn't do any designing because I have NEVER EVER checked the gauge before I started a knitting project . I just go with it . I just use what needles I want and have at it . It's always worked for me , and I have been knitting for a long time .

See ya .




I am now thinking that the bonkers remark was probably meant to indicate that we are entertaining, rather than mad.


You could design without a checking gauge just make it a bag, or a scarf, or a toy...these things don't always need perfect tension. When I do make an actual garment up, or a bag that requires a specific size, it does involve a lot of estimates, measuring, stitch counting, and changing the plan as I go along.

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PS I love being a Knitter Knutter.


My best friend was up last nite and stayed over (my hubby was away sailing and away with the bhouys............ hee hee.) we had a great meal and a laugh, blethered to the wee hours of the morning (have known her since I was 12) but, she doesn't get it.................the knitting, the forum,my stash, my kneedles, buttons, books, I was sooooo excited and wanted to show her my stuff,but just by the look on her face I just new, she totally thinks I have gone off my trolley I even wanted to measure her feet so that I can knit her socks.......................but no!!!!!!!!


So I have to say I am soooooooooooooo glad I have found you guys, each and every one of you, because if I hadn't of found you then I would have thought I had some kind of disease or something, and folk round about me would have locked me up............lol


Long live the Knitter Knutters of LK.....................virtual party anyone?................



Oh, and Totty of the week was great, and I loved the jokes from Su2ie and Flowergirl's posts too, infact I loved them all........lets bring them back....................yay..... we could just do them under the general chit chat as I am sure others would love them too as we are a great bunch.


Sel x

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Make it Crafters Totty and put it in Chitty Chat, and it might lead to meeting some of the gangs from other crafts.


Now that has me thinking about the Easter Swap. Looks like we could do other knitting swaps around here, but what if people could swap between crafts...maybe knitters could be sorting the cardmakers out for gloves and hats and scarves in exchange for a selection of birthday cards...or something like that.


Now I am wondering how many Fluffy Sacks would buy me someone's time to sew me a top that would fit right?

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