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Katy, an Avon Lady without a solution?????? Oooh er!!!! The olive oil and salt does sound good and yummy though!


RC I do know what you mean about patterns, why do we always doubt ourselves and not consider someone else might have made the mistake ?!


Yummy? Don't eat it Suzie...you rub it on your skin...I have a few quite tasty face mask formulas that are actually edible, I am actually not sure if they are gluten free though.


I was going to mention Avon, but I thought that might be mean, I guess there just isn't enough of a market for "post pregnancy knees serum".

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Just thinking of using the ingredients in something yummy, honest RC!!!!

Ah, doesn't matter about being gluten free on the outside - just got to watch the inside!!! :-)

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Hello to each and everyone of you very nice knitters . You are not nutty or bonkers you are just you . I love keeping up with all the knitting banter . I couldn't do any designing because I have NEVER EVER checked the gauge before I started a knitting project . I just go with it . I just use what needles I want and have at it . It's always worked for me , and I have been knitting for a long time .

See ya .





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