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A present for my hubby

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Maybe I will try to do one of the knome one of these days . If I happen to get stuck I am sure ya'll can help get me through it . Everbody have a good week-end , or whats left of it anyway .




We'll all help whoever gets stuck if we can, won't we?

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He is awesome!

Great make & love his very high twirly hat!

How long did he take you to knit?

My OH would love one of those.



thanks! he took me about 2 weeks - mixed in with other stuff - the pattern says you can make one in a week, which if i had knuckled down I would have managed. There are 3 sizes, and he's the smallest, standing he's probably about 1ft tall.



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Absolutely adorable. I want one.So jealous of your hubby. :) GHxo


Get yourself the pattern off "Sir Alan of Darts" website, or better still, the Inspirational Knits book - which is a tenner and you get loads of his patterns!


This, apparently is one of the more simple ones and you can do 3 different sizes!



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