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Hi from Let’s Knit

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Hello, I am a newbie to this site and also to cooking, I was checking stuff out on the internet as I have just bought a new slow cooker and also I am on the slimming world diet.


I don't know how to cook :red: well small bits, I was just wondering if anyone had any good recipes etc. I leave for work at 7.20am and don't return home till 6pm, can you leave the slow cooker on this length of time etc.


What can you put in the slow cooker etc can you put rice, pasta, potatoes etc.





Thank you

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Hi ya,


Nice to meet you.....


Not sure about pasta and rice but potatoes you can but best to part boil them first......The slow cookewr can stay on 12 hours say on low heat..... Colemans do sachets chicken chausser/casseroles etfc which are slow cooker friendly!!! They also do pasta ones etc...but not sure if you can put them in the slow cooker!!!


I love the slow cooker and sometimes I don't use the sachet i just experiment....


Meat of choice/ whatever veg/ and tin toms, stock and herbs and spices to taste..... Just thicken with corn flour not long before serving!!!!!!

Hope this helps.....Slimming world do a great morrocan lamb and a sausage casserole dish!!!!! Will try find in the next day or two for ya!!!


The sachets are usually 6 1/2 syns on either day but obviously either meat or carb you take into account........


Hope this helps

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Spag Bol is pretty good in the slow cooker too (well the bolognaise bit anyway) then just cook up some pasta when you get home.... I love my slow cooker too and have been known to bung just about anything in there.... chicken breasts covered in tomato soup with a couple of teaspoons of BBQ seasoning and a bit of gravy powder makes for a nice chicken in BBQ sauce too.... mmm.... making myself hungry :lol:

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