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Hi from Let’s Knit

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Nah Annie not being too graphic - after all a period is a full stop too!

They may have asked her to wait as there could be something in the implant that may give a false reading at a guess. And you are right, they could have her panicking for nothing, lets face it, when you want to get pregnant it takes forever.....

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................ Unless you are me, who got caught within 2 months!!!!!! Honeymoon madness i call it!


Fi, the others are right, try not to stress as that could make things delayed anyway, and thats the hardest thing in the world to try and master I know!


we all have bated breath, either way it will be good news!!!



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Hi All,


Not a great morning weather-wise in Devon,as in the rest of the country.

Have just got back from dropping the car off for her repairs, so am a bit nervy about just how much this is gonna cost!! Was knitting on the bus home and got some funny looks but no-one said anything.

The day just got away from me yesterday - after saying I didn't have a lot to do i didn't seem to stop at all, pottering about doing 'stuff'

Loads of newbies at knitting club tho and we've decided that we are going to go and park ourselves in the high street in Exeter on Sunday for Knit in Public. If you're down our way on Sunday pop along and see us in Bedford Square from 2 till 4.


Fiona - I think you'll have to tell OH to put a knot in it for a while. :-) . Don't worry, if your implant was faulty it will probably take your body a couple of months to sort itself out and, if worst comes to worst, you could always drop the boys off with me for the weekend. My eldest loves (and is loved) by kids and is the perfect baby sitter :lol: And dont forget stress can often make things stop for a while, if your stressing about not showing it can make everything stop happening which stresses you more which stops anything from happening which makes you stress and so on and so on and so on.

Is there anyone you could leave the kinder with this morning, just to give yourself some mummy time? cup of tea, long slow soak in the tub etc. :roll:


Anyway hope everyone has a good one/ it improves for those who have had a bad start.


Oh by the way Katy - love Boo's new beanie on Facebook :lol:

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