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Hi from Let’s Knit

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Hi All!


Weather today bright and sunny after a biblical deluge yesterday - I dont think it stopped rain AT ALL yesterday(great thunder storm tho first thing) - got soaked just walking across the road to the car! :lol: Apparently the weathers moved west for the day but will be back this evening.


Girls stuffing bacon sarnies for breakfast and then will be going out for the day with their dad. Not a lot planned for me tho - sort out the laundry (of which there is a mountain again), finish the tax disks I was supposed to do yesterday, walk the dog, make some chow fan (Chinese rice dish) for lunch, sort tea - roast chicken, off to knitting club tonight but other than that can chillax and get on with Havana (am on right front). Oh might make a fruit salad as I've got loads of fresh fruit from Aldi the other day


Have a great day all

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Morning everyone, not stopped raining here in Derbyshire since it started Friday night. Got a mountain of ironing to do before I can get down to any knitting. So I best get on or I'll be ironing all day. Have a good day everyone and happy knitting.

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PS. On the general chitchat thing here for good morning there are over 600 posts!! Would take me all day to get to the last to post!! Are we going to do a "Morning" thread on here each day like we used to?



Agreed Buzy I can't be doing with that "morning" thread it's far too big (like the rest of this forum). Wish we still had the LKs one.

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From the sounds of things I think we're going to a "Morning" thread on here each day like we did on LK. That would suit me fine & means I'll have more time to knit instead of trawling through hundreds of posts !!

Buzy :)

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Ok Su2ie, have just emailed my friend my recipe for last nites dinner so I will copy and paste it over, if you need a translation let me know as I just did it very quickly by email to my pal :)


Ras el Hanout spice from "Seasoned Pioneers" you can find them online, btw Delia uses their spices ;




BTW the recipe on the pack is for lamb with apricots......I am fussy with lamb and find it too fatty in the slow cooker, hence I substitued it for any old beef diced and sultanas ;-P ;-P Oh and I will be having it again tonite and there is some left for hubby and I (he is always starving after been sailing around the west coast) If you dont have a slow cooker dont worry, it will still be grrrrrreat.







4tsp of R el H (into hot water this is your liquid I usually do it with the tom puree at the same time)

tin of chopped plum toms

tom puree

bay leaves

red onion

red pepper



handful of sultanas

diced beef

pinch of salt (no pepper req as already enough in r el hanout!)


when cooked and left to marinade add some chopped coriander and let it soak into the dish.


cook vegs with garlic over gas before putting into slow cooker. lob everything in and cook on slow for at least 9 hours. I cooked mine overnite so that it was lying marinading for the rest of the day until time for T. I then put some in a pan and cooked over the gas in order to thicken up the sauce and get rid of the excess liquid. NO CORNFLOUR PLEASE


*** finish off with chopped coriander over the dish


I had it with cous cous with 2tsp of r el h added, you can also have it with rice I prefer cous cous





can of chickpeas


lemon juice of 1/2 lemon

1/2 tsp cumin

1/2 tsp olive oil

1/2 tsp cayenne pepper (optional)

5 tbsp of natural yoghurt, (if you want it runnier add more, if you want it thicker put less in)

Oh...........nearly forgot the coriander if desired


put all ingredients in food processor and blitz until smooth or chunky whatever is you like.






natural yoghurt


cucumber cubed or grated (take off excess water, use kitchen towel or it will be too waaaaatery!)

olive oil

pinch of salt, pepper

dried mint or fresh


add together and voila


**** Have the whole meal with pitta bread too, cut into slices and slightly heated or toasted and you will have the perfect different meal, glass of shiraz or rioja will be perfect. For dessert if you can get it, baclava this would be perfect.






Enjoy, something different moroccan style


NB it is not too spicey but if you are not sure and making it for the first time maybe just put in 2 or 3 tsp of R el H


Sel x (Delia's buddy!)

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I don't see why we can't have a "Morning Knitters" thread in here...except that that the "Morning" threads did used to fly off topic...then again, the Off The Needles thread used to end up on knitting all the time.


I really want the new issue to come out for some reason. This one hasn't taken all month to read like they usually do.

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