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Hi Amber


Welcome to the forum, well done on all your knits so far.


If you could type out the whole line for us we might be able to help you work it out, it looks a little confusing as it is :)


I don't have the book as I think I had most of the patterns already, are they babies dungarees? what do they look like? and does it tell you the name of the pattern (LK patterns normally have a name eg Laurel, Paige, etc)? I might be able to find it in one of my old mags.

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I think there called 'in the fast lane' or 'jimmys' there navy and red baby dungarees for a 3 month old im knitting them for me nethew..


this is what it says :


Jimmy Pattern


Note: work two, up to*

using yarn b and 3.25 needles cast on 55st

work 15 rows moss stitch (ending with WS of turn up faceing for next row)

next row k

next row p

these two rows form the natural crease for the turn ups Note: all measurements from now on are made with turn ups turned up.

change to yarn A

increase as follows

inc row: p1, (k1,p1) three times *m1K,(p1,k1,) three times, M1P,(p1,k1) three times rep from * to end63 st


so at the moment im fiding this project hard before i started maybe a bit more experince is needed but they are lovely.


be great if you could help


Thank u!

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Thanks for typing it out, with the details i've found the pattern in one of my mags.


Here's how I read it, the bit your knitting is the legs, you knit one up to the * in the Decrease for gusset section (the actual text is Cont until work meas 29 (33,35) cm * ending with a WS row )


Then in my mag I turn the page and it says Divide for side opening (left leg) so follow these instructions




Go back to the beginning of the instructions and do the 2nd leg up to the * (as blue bit above)


Then I turn the page again but this time follow the instructions labelled Divide for side opening (right leg)


I hope this helps, i'd love to see them once your finished.


Good luck

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I'm sure you'll be fine, I sometimes find if I look through a pattern it looks complicated but if you work through it bit by bit then it usually(!) makes sense :lol: Not all of the time but most of the time.


Look at a bit, do it, look at the next bit do it if you understand it, ask if you dont, do that bit then go on to the next bit and so on. I often end up doing a bit then going to my mum and we talk through the next bit so I get it straight in my head before I do it. Sometimes you know what to do but talking about it just confirms you had it right in the first place. Like when you say to someone 'this means I put my needle here and do this then I do that don't I?'


We knitters hang around in the Knitty chat area a lot, please feel free to join us :)

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