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Hi I'm not really replying to this topic but I need assistance with a chart for a knitting pattern and don't know where else to go . Has anyone knitted the geometric cushion in issue 52. Of knitting and crafting ?

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THANK YOU VERY MUCH for our time and for posting the video i am extremely gratefully. I hae now successfully solved the issue of the M1 stitch, i was putting the stitch on back to front but after a lengthy practice its almost perfect. Is there any possibility that you could suggest another video explanin the cast off stitch in the middle of a row PLEASE?!

I am now stuck on this- row 22 k9.cast off two sts. Knit to end, i am still on the same pattern. I truly apperciate your warm welcome to the forums. Thank you again.


Loves knitting and has the determination to learn!





-Hi Segtree and welcome to the forum.  The main reason you get a hole is when you just knit the stitch that you have picked up. You need to knit into the back of it.


Have a look at this video and let me know how you get on.




Just ignore the way she holds the yarn as this is a different method of knitting but follow her instructions

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Hi Segtree I'm pleased you can now m1 with no hole.  :)


Casting off in the middle of a row is no different to casting off all your sts at the end


You knit 9 sts then to cast off a stitch knit a further 2 sts then pass back st over front st as normal. Knit another st and once again pass back stitch over front st.


Good luck and if you need any more help just let me know.


Kathy Bee I'll dig my mag out and get back to you

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