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Welcome Let's Knit Members!

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Delighted to welcome you here on board pinklizzy! Sorry to read you are missing the LK forum itself but, unfortuanately changes are always happening and many of you ahve joined up already which is really lovely to see and such a joy to the forum as this forum is growing from strength to strength and the inspiration is amazinga nd creativeness in people is tremendously creative and stunning too. I do hope that you stick around and take your time to get to know the forum, if you ahve any questions at all please feel free to ask away. Myself or any other Moderators are always available to help!


happy Carfting!


Sorry, my name is Natalie and am a very passioante cardmaker and papercrafter! Interested in everyone elses makes and enjoy the friendly forum, we are like one big happy family here,


Natalie x

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Lots of new people to meet - how lovely! Welcome everyone from Lets Knit! Hope you love it here! I'm Linda and I love making cards and jewellery, and hope to rack your brains about my knitting problems in the near future!





Feel free to rack LK'ers brains about knitting problems. We had new members joining all the time before, and others who just asked one thing and then left, so someone from another craft just popping across this forum to ask for a hand would be no different to that.

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I am from LK too , clicked on my usual link and ended up here :) looks a bit confusing , so it will take a while to get to know my way round


ps , looks like I was a member on here before lol!!!

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