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Welcome Let's Knit Members!

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Hi all,


I am a LK member known as Sues but on here now. I am registered here as Suehb.


Am 41, knitting and crocheting for 30 years now and am a dab hand at it. I hope all my mates are on here too otherwise I feel deprived of my hobby friends.


Hope this site is as good as LK.


Love Suehb

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Hi Sues.

well I am 32,been knitting since I was say 8 or 9.

married with a 12 yr old boy and an eight year old girl.

Suzie,buzy and a good few of us are here it is taking a while to find each other agiain.

have seen a good few patterns on here especially some of the baby knits.

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Welcome to you all lovely LK members! Incredibly lovely to have so many new members come on board here with us and I do hope that you will all enjoy it here as much as we all do. We are like ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY! WEveryone is very friendly and always on hand to help others out with any questions or queries etc. So please do just ask away whatever the question!


I realise that this may be a bit daunting coming onto a bigger forum but, please just take your time to browse around the boards and enjoy everything taht you see. There is sooooooo much to see, read and get involved in. I do hope that maybe some of you LK members get your hands into some papercrafting or cardmaking too! Loads of inspiration around too so do keep lookinga round in your own free time!


My name is Natalie! I am married with two beautiful children. I live in Fife, Scotland, and am a very passioante cardmaker & papercrafter. Love all textiley things and LOVE this fabulous forum! Maggie50, Pinkpuppy, Pinkbubble, Ickle pickle & myself are always around on board and very happy to help out whatever the question is! maggie and myself are mostly on all the time just to let you know we are here and on hand to help you all LK members out!


Again! Lovely to meet you. delighted to meet you all and HAPPY KNITTING!


natalie xx

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Lots of new people to meet - how lovely! Welcome everyone from Lets Knit! Hope you love it here! I'm Linda and I love making cards and jewellery, and hope to rack your brains about my knitting problems in the near future!




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