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ickle pickle

Yay, first issues here :)

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OMG I got y mag and haven't been able to put it down yet. I'm off to buy some fabric at the weekend to make up the cami top from the free pattern and some more fabric for the skirt inside. Too much that I want to make from it tho.

I got a new sewing machine from my dad for my birthday last year and have only turned up a few pairs of trousers with it so far so can't wait to have a go using it to make something.

The patterns are great, I asn't sure if this mag was gonna be a hit or miss in my case but thought the offer was good so I'll give it a try and boy am I glad that I did. I haven't made anything in a few years using a machine so its great to have some little reminders of where to start.

I'm so hooked


The books reviews are fab and I want them all lol, priced them up tho and its a lotta pennies so settled on 2 for now, then will sneek the others in while OH is away lol. Theres just so much inspiration that I can't wait to get started. Unortunately I'm at work all day and packing OH up to go away tonight, but............ as of 4pm tomorrow i've got the weekend off so its gonna be sew sew sew for me. Can't wait.



The only annoying thing about the mag is ... I got the new cb on my doorstep at the same time. You should have seen my face its like well wot do I do first, this one or that one . It was like watching a tennis match for the first couple of hours sew then cb, sew then cb, sew then cb.


Anyway I've rambled on for far too long.



Thanks sew team for a fabby mag, can't wait for the next one.......... whens it gonna be here again lol!!!!!!!

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I am NOT happy :down: i don't have my issue and i have been told that the first issue of sew does not come out until the 3rd july - so whay have you all got a copy - crying :down:


Sarah x

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Hi sarah,


The first issue comes out tomorrow! Sorry for any confusion, it's issue 2 that cimes out on July 3rd. If you've subscribed you should hopefully get it tomorrow if you haven't already. I think the bank holiday has slowed delivery down on some peoples! So sorry you're kept waiting!



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