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Let's Get Crafting Crochet - post your makes here!

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Here's the purple bag I made & a flower corsage. Was going to decorate the bag with the flower but it's a bit big! Made the flower using only the pink yarn as I'd run out of the purple making the bag. Would love some more of this yarn, it's so soft.

Still got to line my crochet hook holder. Got the felt but that's as far as I've got so far!

Oh to be organised :lol:




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Wow I'm so impressed everyone you've really surpassed yourselves.


I'm ashamed to say I haven't made anything yet though :red:


Just to remind you, the LGC crochet challenge closes tomorrow at 5PM (UK time) so if you haven't entered yet make sure you do!


P.S. Would love to mention everyone individually but just had to say how much I love your swimsuit entry maritrez! very inventive!

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Wow there is some great crochet work here - what a clever bunch. When I saw the yellow yarn in the LGC Crochet kit I thought it would be ideal for a crochet beehive pincuhion I have been wanting to make for a while and here it is, finally.


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