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Let's Get Crafting Crochet - post your makes here!

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A few of you seem to have managed to find Let's Get Crafting issue 13 (crochet) so I thought i'd start a new gallery so we can all see what everyone's been making.


I noticed on the Knitting and Stitching section that Stacey27 in particular has been super busy! Already having crocheted a fab blanket.


Can't wait to see what everyone else will make too.


Tanya :)

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oh yippy ! I Have never done Crochet, I made this blanket I started with a chain of 20 joined to make one circle.

Just kept adding two each new Circle I started.


I made this pattern myself xxxx I'm really proud It only taken me a day to Crochet, I was thinking of adding more length to it so it ends in a chain of two.


need to buy more yarn tomorrow hope you like my blanket xxx


Thank you Tanya xxx


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little clothes I made for MaggieJay Challenge


Meant to be a hat and a Poncho my little boy said " that Rain hat and Coat " it's his sheep.

Easter bunny bought him He wanted me to do something with the green from my kit so I did got carried away made a hat to I made this yesterday morning taken me half an hour I love crocheting I need to go and buy lots of new yarn, xxxx



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