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{POSTED BACK} May Image Swap {complete}

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As yet havent received anything ,Has anybody received theres yet?

As Jane said she posted them back ?

thanks in advance jude



I am so sorry, but I have just found your stamped images at the bottom of one of my craft boxes. Found it this morning as I was unpacking yet more craft stuff, it must have dropped in there rather when I was sorting out everyones swaps.


I am stamping some out for you now, it will be a real mixed lot as I am using my own stamps of coarse and I want to give you a variety. I will post them this afternoon!!!


I guess in the long run it's better than them not getting to you at all, but I am so sorry <3

Jane x

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Thanks hun,

i had forgotten about them !you just dont know what you find when you have clear out i found a stamp the other day i never new i had..lol

thanks look forward to receiving

hugs judex

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