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Card Making Tips?

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Ooooh, Michelle, you were up early!

I have loads of these, but don't know how helpful they'll be!


Rather than buying little silk flowers sold as card toppers, look for the ones in the wedding dept instead - you get more to a pack and they're much cheaper!

Don't just get wire from the card section - you get more for your money in the florists dept!

Save every scrap of paper - you can mosaic with the tiniest bits.

Check inside new clothes - they often have a little packet with a spare button in - I use loads of these in card-making!

Use pretty magazine pages as backing paper

Google 'Free craft downloads' and see what comes up!


Over to you ladies!



Hi Dee i am a memer of free craft downloads and it is a fantastic site/forum they are all friendly on there hope to see you ladies around i have not been here for a while Happy Crafting ladies and great tips here too, i will certanly try them out x


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Great ideas everyone, thanks a bunch.


Here's a couple - a friend and I regularly visit each other for supper etc, and when giving 'Thank You' cards we only write on the inside right of the card, so the left can be cut off and re-used for other friends. Also, new clothes such as tee shirts and blouses often have little pieces of ribbon to help you hang up the clothes - if you don't need them they're great for decoration on cards, bookmarks etc.


Keep the ideas coming!



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Last night, I copied all the details of the above. All very useful, and I will be passing it on to my other friends who make cards.

I was thrilled today, to see after sending 31 replies, I have changed from a newbie, to a junior member.!!!!!!!

It doesn't take much to get me excited, as I can only use the computer at work, so have to be careful how much time I take using it.

However my darling husband is busy trying to cl;ear out our spare bedroom - packed to the gunnels with "stuff" from when our daughter lived here.....and she has been married 5 years this August, and also...with the accumulated "stuff" of 30 years in one house.

Because of my limited mobility, we have to do things, little and often, and some times it gets me really down. That is when I start playing with my card making - it has been a life saver, since a nervous breakdown 6 years ago, and breast cancer 5 years ago!!!!!!.

I do like looking at the cardmaking forum, because I start to feel as if I know all of you personally.

Thank you for being there.

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hello sueg


yes , I agree with maritrez..making cards

of all sorts makes me forget my illness...

i never noticed that time flies and when

i get tired and i sleep soundly..


i have hundreds of greeting cards on hand.

some I donated to the red cross for

fund raising.

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Instead of buying the "craft containers" I use food storage containers as they are clear so I can see inside, look neat and come in loads of sizes. I also washed out some dog food tins and use these to hold all my pens and pencils. My desk is a very large shelf so I can store loads underneath and my chair was £3 from a charity shop. I also covered an old tattered corkboard with some lovely material to display ATC, bookmarks etc I receive i the swaps (won a challenge for this on here) I'm queen of thrifty - means I can spend more on my crafts and money goes further.


Love some of the other tips too, some I'd never even thought of.


I also get a lot of bits and pieces off family and friends - mum & nan keep all odd blank envelopes, card, ribbon and small boxes and bags from birthdays etc and when my sister got married a couple of months ago gave me all her left over ribbon, wire butterfies, favour bags, favour boxes etc.


Also I got a gorgeous pair of flip flops with beads on for £3 last year and when they broke I washed them and cut all the seed beads off.


Can't say it to much - CHARITY SHOPS - the ladies in my local know me and keep Aida, hoops, books, thread etc to one side and if I don't want them then they put out for sale. I now have loads and have had to say no more but if I hadn't asked I wouldn't have got the bargains I did. I got massive pieces of Aida for £2 etc



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