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Came home from my jewellery making course, after telling everyone about the 'new' magazine that is coming out, and that I had already subscribed, and couldn't wait for tomorrow when I thought it would be received.


So imagine my delight at opening the door after collecting my son from school to find the beautiful front cover looking up at me from the floor. I controlled my instincts for 10 minutes while I made a nice warm drink and then started the serious business of flicking through and marking down items for further inspection. Which I may be better doing after sons bedtime when I have peace and quiet and all my jewellery equipment out.



I am so glad I was guided into this area of crafting. :-)


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I like the rainbow earrings


Beadsdirect were offering the magazine subsciption for £25... wd be fun to do a 'project' rathe tha just the same thing all the time so im tempted to subscribe


Glad u ejoyed jewellery making.

the mag is getting good reviews!!

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