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Let us know here when you recieve Make Jewellery...

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Hi Dee


There's loads in the Smiths near me, but at £4.99 a copy you're better off doing 3 for £3 and then if you don't want to continue just cancel.


If you really want one let me know and I can get one and send it. Still using mine I'm afraid.


Sharon x

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I've pmd Ickle Pickle to see if she managed to find the mag, but she may be busy with Easter! If she has managed to get a copy and doesn't need mine, I'll offer my issue up on here. I really must stop hoarding mags!

In the past I've put them on Freecycle once my pile gets too high, but maybe I'll offer them on here instead in the future, as at least I'll know they are going to true crafters that way!!!!

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