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What is your Top 10 Crafty Wishlist?

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What do I want or what do I need?


1.More time to do all the crafting I'd like to do.

2.More money to do all the crafting I'd like to do.

3.A cleaner and a cook so I could do all the crafting I'd like to do.

4.Definately a Hobbycraft trolley dash..(I really like that idea).

5.More confidence in myself to beleive that my makes are any good.

6.A sissix Big shot.(why, I don't know).

7.My own crafting area, so I don't have to put things away if I don't want to.

8.More patience..when ideas go wrong.

9.Lots more beads.

10.To win the lottery to buy a smallholding..


I think thats it, perhaps not in that order..but its near enough I think..



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