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What is your Top 10 Crafty Wishlist?

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to find a nice man who owns a craft shop and lets me use the stuff for free.......


that is it...

oh and for him to build me a big room with storage etc for all the free stuff i get from him....

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OMG that craft room i can't stop looking at it! it is amazing so much stuff but so organised! i want i want!!


1) Bind it all

2) Crop-a-dile

3) Craft Robo

4) More Magnolia stamps

5) More Cuddle Buddle stamps

6) That craft room

7) loads of ribbons

8) A money tree

9) Storage

10) An extension on the house

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Okay, my top 10 (in no particular order although number 10 would be EXTREMELY nice) :lol:


1. Cuttlebug (I just LOVE the embossing folders.)

2. Craft Robo (But I'm torn between dreaming of an easy life or thinking of it as cheating :lol: )

3. All of the Magnolia Stamps.

4. The cute Penny Black stamps.

5. A crop-o-dile. I'll be happy with the first one.

6. Oodles of Basic Grey Paper.

7. My own craft shop where I can work and still play all day.

8. A full set of Nestabilities and a machine that they will work with.

9. A set of Stampin-Up Baroque stamps.

10.A multi-millionaire crafting fantatic husband!!!


Just checked back on my list -


1. Cuttlebug - TICK

2. Craft Robo - Had the chance but declined it. Glad I did now as the expense would have killed us in the current circumstances and I would be selling it again.

3. All of the Magnolia Stamps - I'm building up a steady collection.

4. Cute Penny Black Stamps - Seem to have gone off these a little, can't warrant the expense.

5. Crop-a-dile - TICK :-)

6. Basic Grey Paper - Still love it.

7. Craft Shop - Nothing on the horizon, hoping for a big lottery win tomorrow ;-)

8. Nestibilities and a machine - well I've got the machine bit :-)

9. Stampin-Up Baroque stamps - gone off these now.

10. Multi-millionaire - see number 7 :lol:


J xx

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Wow Jules where to start.


Number 1. To Be as talented as Jules

Number 2. A nice set of le plumme Pens

Number 3. Various Stamps for different occasions and situations

Number 4. A Large stock of Card ( I now this is pathetic)

Number 5. An Alphabet Cuttlebug Die ( £65 ouch)

Number 6. Some More storage for my ever increasing collection

Number 7. To Learn a few new techniques

Number 8. A 24 hour Hobbycraft Trolly Dash ;-)

Number 9. Some decent Ink Pads and more colours

Number 10. A Craft desk or work space thats just mine not the dining room table.


There you go Jules, I hope thats help you a little..

Take care





OK Jules seeing's as you ticked off your list I decided to have a go


1. Not anywhere near that goal, ask me again in 10 years time

2. Have some brush pens not le plumme though so TICK I guess

3. Have a huge range of stamps now TICK

4. Card stock much better TICK

5. Nope still not managed

6. Yes Got more Plastic Storage still need more lol TICK

7. YES ive managed some new techniques I can cut in a straight line now and everything :) TICK

8. Erm No Need to Become friends with MD of Hobbycraft

9. YES got loads of Ink now TICK

10. NOPE Still on the dining room table



Thanks Karen :)

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