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Help with wedding invitations...........

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I love doing wedding invitations, it's so satisfying!


Something that is easy to replicate is the way to go. As someone already said, just using a couple of colours is ideal. Choose your base blank card carefully, cos cream or pearlescent or white makes a big difference to the image the card gives. Use delicate items, for example skeleton leaves, see-through ribbons, seed beads. Check if the person you are making the cards for like flowers, or hearts or buttterflies etc. My sister dislikes all of these, so I had to do something different. If your friend dislikes one or all of these things then you don't want to waste time designing round one of these themes.


I shall dig out the pics of my wedding invites, and post them here.


Good luck! I'm sure you'll come up with something lovely!




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Can only agree with what PP said really.

My Aunty asked me to make her invitations for her and the first thing I did was ask her what theme she was planning and if she wanted me to stick to that.

Turns out it was a good job I asked cos I was imagining some lovely summer colours and she was planning red cream and black! :)

I ended up using black marabou feathers on the invitations!


Don't presume you'll know what they'll like! lol :)


Lou xXx

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