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A photo of me

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it would take at least 5 if not more photos to show my entire collection, ive been called the most tattooed women in my town lol although that was a good couple of years back now, things might have changed now im not sure :S

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Hi guys,

my names LeiLei, Im a real newbie, only just activated my account here! :red:

This is my first ever forum, ooo exciting stuff huh!

So here I am, wanting to converse with people who have the same interests as me (as in the 'real world' none of my friends are really interested in crafting, just the cool stuff I make them,lol!) so please be gentle with me,lol!

I came across this thread first where everyone was uploading pics so you could all put faces to names, so here's me! This pic is now famous as was printed in MCN (motorcycle news) yesterday!



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