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Love the tip about the coke making your grass greener. I'm going out with a couple of cans tomorrow and if my lawn doesn't look better by next weekend I'll you know.

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I have a great tip for cut flowers in a vase. I made this up myself and have never heard of anyone do this. My reason initially was to actually feed the flowers. I didn't get the flower feed that normally comes with the cut flowers. So first I tried sugar, but that didn't seem to do anything.


Before putting your water in the vase, put a few drops of washing up liquid in. The reason being it helps to keep the flowers fresh longer. ( i don't know how, all I know is it really works)


The added benefit is, once the flowers have died and you are ready to clean your vase, it just needs a quick rinse in fresh warm water, no scrubbing etc because the washing up liquid has helped.




Regarding scuffs on trainers !!! Simple as anything lol, just throw in the washer. I do it all the time.

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