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Brown paper is good for ironing out oil stains like Maggie says and wax from carpets.


Also for oily stains on clothes, use a soap (simple or what ever) & rub on the stain leave for a while then sprinkle on baby powder (Talc) that will remove it.


Denture tablets are very good for cleaning vases, kettles, tea pots, and also drop one down the toilette over night! (I don't need denture tablets myself, but i found this out while working in a old peoples home once)


Coke is good for cleaning rusty nails and also tip a cheap coke over the grass will make it greener and healthier.


Put half a lemon in a fridge will get rid of any bad smells.

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I've tried the denture one myself (don't wear them put pinch my nans every now and then :lol: ) for cleaning up some scallop shells I aquired when I went for our christmas meal out and they came up fantastic and also got rid of the smell of the fish.



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