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The Good Morning Thread

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Morning all. Hope you are all well. Big Hugs if not and hope you feel better soon.


Sorry have not been around or announced the winner to my challenge yet. will be doing that later today. I thought when DD went back to school things would be quiet! Well not in this house! The computer has been temperamental so coming on here has been a challenge in itself! :lol:


Summer is definitely on it's way here, yesterday was 34 degrees and today is supposed to be a cooler 31, but it is really humid making it feel hotter! At least it is cool enough in the evenings so we can go for a walk on the beach. Just lovely!


Enjoy your day everyone. Just off for a quick catch up whilst I can and the computer is behaving.



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Morning everyone,

Hope you don´t have too many problems with your PC today PB...Sounds lovely where you are :)

This morning its still dark out,so l don´t know what the weather will be like,but yesterday was beautiful and warm !

Todays plans...normal day..work,clean and cook and afternoon some crafting and catch up here...Things could change though!!!something always happens...

Wish all those who are not well,a speedy recovery...

Have a nice start to the day everyone..take care XX

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Good morning PB, I know the weather here is getting really hot, too hot for my liking :lol: Hope you are managing to get online more often.

Good Morning to all that follow. And good morning to anyone who posted before PB, I'm getting confused as to who is the first to post for the day.

not sure what I'll be doing today. xx

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Goodmorning All!


Lollies! The first peron to post will be the first on the new date! Make sense to you????


PB! Sorry to hear about your computer. Least it's working for the time being. Did wonder what hd happened to you hunny, missed ya! Hope all is well with you hunny! Enjoy your day what's left of it!


Susan! Sounds like a good day you have planned! Enjoy and chat soon! By the way Thanks for doing that thing the other night, means alot to me! i was just sooooo tired and unwell! Would have stayed up if I were able to! (((Hugs)))


Lauren! Hope your well yourself and are enjoying your day! Don't like too strong a heat then???


Josh has nursery this afternoon so will probably walk him along to that! I need to make a phone call regarding a job app. I was filling out last night online and have some washing to deal with! Sort something out fr dinner and a wee tidy! But not much else for me today!


Hope you all enjoy your day. ((((((((Cuddles)))))))) for those in need of them!


Natalie x

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Good Morning Susan, Hope you have a lovely day.

Natalie, good Morning, I understand, its just sometimes its a different day for you than me. :lol: Thanks, Hope josh enjoys nursery and good luck with the job application. Have a lovely day. xx

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