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The Good Morning Thread

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good afternoon everyone

hope you all had a good day

very cold and its blowing a gail here not like susan

doing her christmas shopping in the sun :lol:

sorry to here you sad news karen and washi

hope you got your washing dry maggie

dee hope you are coping okay with those workmen

pity you could not have moved out while they did the work

hi laverne love the photo

aims hope your eye is okay if not i would go to doctors

hugs to all who need them

hi louise i have just done what you did had to type it all again

sorry cant do everyone individually i would be here all night

hi to all i have not mentioned hope you have had a good day so far


love barbara

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He he GH this made me chuckle...great pic! Glad you had a nice holiday but a shame you never got to Puerto Rico but at least you were safe on the ship :)


I am still feeling sorry for myself, I have some decongestants to see if they will work unblocking my sinuses and have to wear an eye patch incase it is my tearducts that are causing the problem with my swollen eye. Great, I am going to look like a pirate!


On the plus side I am going home soon to my poorly other half who needs lots of cuddles to make him feel better...I can imagine the day off work helped him with that too though he he


Going to chill out tonight and do some cheeky crafting if I get the time, I need some more card to make boxes with so off to Tesco later me thinks :)




Aims x

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Hello Peeps!


Sooooooo sorry I've not been around today but, this morning I was up after 5am feeding Ava then back to bed around 5:50am. When I woke at ten to nine though, OMG, I felt incredibly awful. Had some breakfast and a sit down but, didn't improve! So, DDH told me to go lie down which I did and I took a paracetomol too. Felt much better afterwards and a shower helped too. Apart from this I have not been able to get on as DDH been busy ALL DAY on the computer with work and his stock shares!


So, I'm sooooooooooo sorry i have not been around girlz! Have missed you very very much and hope to catch up on anything missed!


Natalie x

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Looks like some of you are in need of Natalie Sequin ((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))).


A lot of you sound like you've been exceptionally busy too.


Karen! I'm real;ly sorry to hear about your neighbour! The family and yourself are in my thoughts and prayers!


Natalie x

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Wow, what a busy thread today.

Time has vanished - wish I could be sunbathing like GH in her photo! How cool is that -made me chuckle :lol:

I had a bit of time in my craft room this afternoon, but it turned out to be a faffing event with no major result. Could make excuses but I was playing with new things so maybe more learning and less making??? Anyone else have times like that?

Natalie, it sounds as though you are the one in need of a great big and cosy bear hug. So here is one from me. (((((Hugs))))) Do hope you feel better soon!

Big hugs for you too Aims - sinusitis is no play in the park. Poor you! and a (((((hug))))) for you too.

Hugs for Allie and Eve and all the others I have missed.

How lovely to be able to do Christmas shopping in the sun, Susan. Enjoy.

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Hello all


Sorry I've not been on until now either. Both woke up late this morning (10.30am), i was then helping out tidy and sort the office following yesterdays event that OH went to. He had a great day overall. Then I had to go to town for food and some craft bits before coming to work via my nans for a quick cuppa.


Just catching up on the threads now as still catching up from yesterday.


Phillipa x

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