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Hi everyone I'm back.. I thoroughly enjoyed my holiday to Norfolk with my Mum & Dad. I made a few cards up there and teaching Mum a few ideas. But I mainly learnt how to paint while I was up there. mum and Dad have been teaching me how to do watercolour painting. Mum does more landscapes and Dad sea scapes. Although they do other painting as well. Came back with one of my Mum's Pictures and one of my dad's. Plus a famous artist, sort of adopted me and gave me 2 paintings, He does more mood paintings and is blind in one eye. plus i got chatting to another famous painter who reguarily goes on TV the art channel as well as teaching and travelling up and down the country giving demonstrations. I will get round to taking a few photos of pics I had painted. Spose I'm not too bad for a beginner, as the last time I painted was at school with poster paints or painting by numbers. But i'm going to keep this painting up and keep practising, I learnt a lot in the 2 weeks I stayed up in Norfolk. The weather was gorgeous but very windy and when it did rain, it was overnight. So all in all had a good time.


Hope everyone keeps healthy and not in too much pain, Hope life treats you well.


But had some bad news today, I am being forced out of my family home of 21yrs as I cannot afford to pay bedroom Tax. My house has had thousands of pounds of adaptions, paid for by the tax payer. Now they have to make sure there is another property suitable for me. Surely thats not cost effective,. it was only 2yrs ago they spent another £5000 making more adaptions for me. I don't want to move, all my memories are here including losing my husband last year...if I move, would feel like my Dave wasn't there anymore...hard to explain. I don't have the finances to move and cannot even pack my items etc also I would need carpets and curtains, where do I get the money from for that? They've cut our benefits and the cost of living has gone up so much. I am totally housebound and unable to do anything apart from my crafts. My disability will not allow me to work, so I don't have the choice to pay this horrendous tax. And we are taxpayers, even on benefits. Everything we buy is taxed. I can't fight my case because I no longer have that right for legal aid, we have no rights at all....in fact I am being treated as the underclass...for being disabled which I never asked for....wish i could give it back.. I am being treated like a sub human....it is wicked and evil what they are doing to people like me on benefits. Instead of building more homes to buy, they should be building more social housing...there are plenty of properties out there to buy! No they keep selling off the social housing and not replacing them....no wonder there's a shortage. Imagine how you would feel being forced out of your family home? I keep bursting into tears at the thought of being evicted and losing my home...it's inhumane what they are doing to people like me...not only are they discriminating against me but they're also breaking Human Rights Laws...now they've taken away the right to legal aid, which I thought was for the poor! I no longer have any rights and the government can do what they like to people like me, with no repercussions. Are you aware that since ESA was brought out by this government no less than 310,000 claimants have died as a result of the new ESA laws! That was 2 months ago, so you can guarantee there is more. Cameron says ESA is working, so was it his intention to kill so many people? Doesn't this remind you of Hitlers Germany picking on the weak and vulnerable and the poor? Don't need the gas chambers, his policies does it for him. Sorry to rant over this political horror but people just don't know how many hundreds of thousands of claimants dying as they don't publicise that. The study was carried out by professors from top universities about claimants of ESA. People are so scared at being homeless, with no money and nowhere to go, the only other option for them was suicide! Or the stress caused heart attacks etc too many to list! But of course this is not publicised! For the poor, this is a third world country.

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Craftycarmy ((((((hugs)))))) important really sorry to hear your terrible news hun. I really for hope and Pray that it will all sort out and for the better. Its theclast thing you need. Such a shame! I am really delighted ti hear that you had a wonderful 2 weeks away spent with your parents in Norfolk. Nice to hear you learnt to paint and look forward to seeing your paintings . I love Norfolk.


X praying for you and your situation x

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Craftycarmy, my heart really went out to you as I read your post. I actually have tears in my eyes. I completely agree with you - so many people, who never asked to be disabled, are being treated as if they are sub-human. The culture of hatred and blame in this country breaks my heart. The government tries to change the system to perhaps catch the 0.01% of people who cheat and all of the people who really need it end up suffering. But thanks to hysterical media reporting, there is this idiotic belief that people are only claiming benefits because they are lazy!? How could you possibly view someone who is obviously disabled as lazy????


I so, so hope things work out for you. It is wonderful you have started painting and perhaps it can give you some joy as you go through this intensely difficult period. We are all here for you to rant at any time. And believe me, if we could all go and storm No.10 on your behalf, I am sure we would!


Hugs xx

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Oh, what a strange new place this is!


Carmy, my heart goes out to you. I have been in the situation where I have been forced out of my home through no fault of my own (more than once) and it can be terrifying, I sympathise completely. Can a case not be made that it would be ridiculously more expensive to adapt yet another house? It is nothing short of ridiculous, this scheme can bot possibly make enough (if any) money to justify it. I think anyone who can't afford to buy is treated terribly, if we could get a mortgage, the repayments would be less than the average rent prices here, but you need such a high deposit that we couldn't dream of buying. I am so lucky now to be renting from my Mum, I completely appreciate how hard it is though. The one thing I will say is that however hard they try, no one can ever rob you of your memories, it feels like it now, but you will always carry them and your husband in heart no matter where you are.

Nancy - when were you thinking for our storming of no.10? ;)


Sounds like your learnt a lot on your visit to your parents, how lovely to have such talent to learn from. looking forward to seeing your photos. I hope you can use it to try and find some form of relaxation at this difficult time. x


I have been a busy bee, this last week. Twas Hubby's birthday the other day, so we did the rounds visiting people and on his birthday we went to the zoo. I also got an early birthday present  - I am now the proud adoptive parent of two honey badgers, which I totally love. It comes with year passes to both of the zoos run by the same people. They were meant to start it on my birthday but sent it early, so we made use of the passes and had a glorious day in the sun. Saw my honey badgers and they have a tiger cub, who is gorgeous but the poor thing has brittle bones. Yesterday we were geocaching and decided that we would set one up where we honeymooned for our upcoming aniversary. Have also booked a week in the New Forest, camping with the in-laws at the end of the month, which I am very excited about - I always love going to the forest. And today I bought a gorgeous little tea set from the charity shop over the road, which I have had my eye on for a few days now. If my Mum finds out she will go mad, as she has a shed full of mix n match tea sets from our wedding. Shhh, no one tell her! :D


Hope everyone is enjoying the sun, love to all. x

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