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The Good Morning Thread

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Morning peeps


Quick visit before I go and get dressed. My last day off today and I'm off to spend the morning with my sister and niece and then this afternoon after a walk with the pooch I want to do some crafting - thats the plan anyway lol


Hope you all have a lovely day - lovely weather here at last after a miserable day yesterday.



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Good Morning :-)


Its a day for washing all our bedding so, first lot done and ready for hanging up on line. sowill get the kids bedding washed now.


Angela - Enjoy your day and hopeyou enjoy doing your "nice things" later once all is done.


Susan - ENjoy your day and hope your well? hope family arrive safely tomorrow.


Heather - Have a good day at work and enjoy that pie your Mu has made youy.


Pips - Enjoy your morning hun and hope you enjoy time with your sister and neice this afternoon plus some crafting too.


Work and washing for me today and have a card to finish and some ironing too, have a mountain of it too. Need to start designing a wedding gift I want to do on canvas so, will get my designing head on.


just enjoying my coffee x

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Good afternoon everyone!


Had a great day so far, been to get a mirror for the bathroom from Focus, everything reduced as they are closing down, so many businesses not surviving this economic climate, quite sad really. Spent this afternoon watching Create and Craft TV to see Dawn Bibby's first appearance on the channel. I am so happy that she has finally gone to the home of craft tv :cheese: Managed to get loads of washing done, it has been a lovely sunny day here with quite a breeze blowing so have got everything dried too!


Ang - hope you got your marking done and you can enjoy doing some 'nice' things :-) x


Susan - Lovely to see you, hope things are well with you and your family. Hope your visitors enjoy their stay with you and hope the weather improves x


Heather - how lovely of your mum to make a pie for you, my mum used to do that for me sometimes usually a shepherds pie so that I didn't have to start cooking when I got home x


Pips - Hope you enjoy your last day off work and that you enjoy your time with your sister and niece x


Natalie - Hope you managed to get your ironing done and look forward to seeing your wedding canvas x


Well better get on now as OH will soon be home, have a good rest of the day everyone! xxx

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Afternoon All


Dawn pleased you got youself a new mirror for your bathroom, sorry to hear your Focus is closing down though! such a great outlet too. This weather is great isn't it, we have had the same weather and I got all my washing done too just like yourself. Hpe you get t all ironed and put away. Pleased you have ejoyed watching Dawn Bibby also this afternoon. Enjoy your evening and (((hugz))). I was actually thinking of you while I was making a card not long ago, was using a fairy image and for some reason you popped into my head and I started thing of you whilst I was creating this particular card. :-) Then I pop on here to see you have been on.


I have got my sisters birthday card finished and have started a easl card using a fairy image, wil finish it this evening I think!


I am now off to prepare dinner and do some more ironing as it is quite a mountain of ironing I have to do. hehe!


Wishing you all a wonderful evening and speak later on maybe x

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Oh my Goodness Natalie! I was thinking of you today while I was looking at some fairy papers, isn't that a coincidence :-) Hope you are well and things are going good for you and your family x

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Good afternoon all members! this day was beautiful. My dear person created a really crafty work from flowers and that was so romantic and pleasant to get such present without any reason. Hope you are all fine today.

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