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The Good Morning Thread

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It's rapidly getting darker and darker here. Think a storm is brewing.

Well, got some moisturiser samples in the post today, Olay ones too, but in a white envelope, so no idea where they came from.

My partner went to hospital for his first execise therapy session today, so I'll find out what it was like soon when he gets home.

Oh, it's really pouring outside all of a sudden now, although it has today before, this is worse. Hope there's no rain tomorrow.

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Debbie, I heard on the weather cast that Storms are to be coming but, can not remember where exactly. Hope your OH got on well with his first exercise session and enjoy your evening! oooooh moisteriser samples, how lovely! A mystery then where they came from!


About to eat soon so wishing you all a wonderful evening. Plan on ahvinga bath later to really unwind and deal with my legs as will be showing this saturday on my sisters hen do as wearinga short dress for the first time in a loooooooooooong time, I'm very brave as detest my legs!


Catch up later on maybe x

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Good evening all :-)


Dawn - Hope you managed to get your tidying done and enjoyed your craft class - do you have a theme or can you make any type of card?

Debbie - Hope that your relative is doing OK and that you get to see him soon - I'm sure any help you can give him will be greatly appreciated hun :-) Also hope your partners exercise therapy went well

Natalie - Good on you for getting your legs out for your sisters hen do - I'm sure they're not as bad as you think, but we all have body parts we don't like ;-) I like to show my legs off when I get chance (which isn't very often lol) as I've got quite a large tattoo which I love displaying :-)

Charl - Hope you all enjoyed your meal and you managed to finish packing :-)


We've done the weekly food shop today and had my mum and Dave round to visit for a few hours. I made a thank you card this morning but wont post a pic yet as it's going to someone on here :-) I've got a parcel and my LMC cardmaker of the year entry to post tomorrow, then it's my breastfeeding support training so I'm off to bed soon to make sure I'm bright and alert lol :-) Night all xx

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Morning everyone


Busy busy again today. Working 12-8 again so about to rush round and get sorted before work. One more day to go and then off for 3days - whoop whoop.


Better dash

hope you all have a nice day


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