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The Good Morning Thread

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good morning everyone


morning susan hope you gett everything done susan sounds a very busy day for you today

hope you get some time to visit the beach later


morning dawn chatting in works time tut tut ,have a good day


morning karen yes the weekends go so quickly ,hope aunt and uncle

have enjoyed thier holiday and wish them a safe journey home


morning rosie enjoy your day ,hope you have a wonderful holiday in ireland

and the weather is good


morning nads glad you enjoyed your weekend

great ribon bargains and watches


morning natalie i enjoyed reading the mag thank you

sorry the weather is miserable wher you are

it started off sunny here this morning but has become cloudy and overcast

enjoy your day with ava and josh

and nursery for ava is fun


eldest son is calling this morning with jordan his dad still working away

see you all later

love barbara

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Thanks Nads hunnie! Pleased weather good with you.


Morning Veron! Hope you have a good day too hun! ohhhh dear, have some cake then hun! think i'd best stop posting pics p of my cakes from now on!


Morning Barbara! have a lovely time with your eldest son when he arrives and pleased you enjoyed your read of LMC last night! I'm sure Ava will love nursery this afternoon.


Just been tidying up alittle around the kids and they've had snack now and ava been feeding me with her crisps, organic crisps they are too.


catch you all later xx

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I hope so too barbara, just do it bit by bit! weather has improved here now, the sun is shining nice and bright, think mr.sunshine has his hat on, hip hip hip hooray!


you enjoyed your time with your DS barbara?

veron, hope you have a nice time out and got your kids sorted out alright. how old are your kids?



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