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The Good Morning Thread

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Good Morning all of you. Gosh it is an age since I wrote that on here! Took me a wee while to find this thread but sensible to put it all in one place as was confusing sometimes. Well I am sorry I haven't been around too much, lots going on at the moment to cope with but I promise not to totally disappear again! I am going to get a couple of card orders done today and might do some Christmas ones too. Got to try to rearrange the girls' room too as there is no room LOL!! I am off work this week and so is DH but nothing really planned just attempting to chill out!

I hope you all have a lovely day and hugs to those that need them! Caroline xxxx

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Morning guys! the weather here is lovely sun and blue sky! have done the rounds of the amimals and now just sitting quietly as still in pain.


Hope everyone is ok, am a bit confussed over where the beginning of this morning thread starts.

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Good morning to everyone, both those before me and those that follow.

pinkbubble - hope the computer can be sorted quickly for you. I am sure you will be enjoying your rising temperatures and spring weather.

Saramar - have a good day work domestic bliss and crafting.

Morning, Lauren have a ggod day. Or are you just back from school now?

Natalie, have a good day, best of luck with the job application.

Have a good day Anna whatever you manage to do. Hope there is some crafting about for you!

Morning Karen - busy day - any chance of some peace when all the appoinements are done?

Sorry hubby is in such pain. Of course he is priority no 1 then! But sorry you are in pain too. Hope you can resolve this soon as well.

Hi Maggie I spy some scottish sunshine here - any over your way?

Nik - Hope Daisy is improving. Off to work with a crafty visit as well sounds good. Enjoy.

Hi barbara - sorry it is dull with you, much better here today than in a long time.

Hi Vamp - have a good day

Hi Caroline - hope you have a good day, sounds like you are going to be very busy.

Hi pinkpuppy - I was a bit confused too, might be more difficult as this threadgets longer and longer. Good idea that it is stickied though!

I am on a bit later this morning - got stuck into HW first (what a confession) and have done some of my Italian homework too. Shining halo stuff. Should be able to award time in craftroom this afternoon!

Hope everyone has a fab day, and cuddles for all those in need.

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Well Im back from the GP's and MOT, my car passed and DH has to go to Hopsital for a blood test so we will do that later when I take Mum, he's on Antibiotics but GP told him to stop drinking so much Tea, yep you guessed it walked through the door kettle straight on for a Brew LMAO there is no hope.

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Not morning anymore, but hello everybody! Only just got on today, been waiting for workmen...Two turned up earlier, looked at the boiler, left. Still not returned, and we have no ceilings in the hall or kitchen yet?! It's dead noisy, didn't realise how loud our upstairs neighbours are!

Grr - getting very fed up of the mess now...



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