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The Good Morning Thread

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morning everyone nice to know you are getting the sun where you are

wet and cold here

not doing much today except general day to day chores

hope every one is well

hugs to you if you are feeling poorly

going to get some breakfast ,catch you all later

love barbara

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Morning everybody


Well its quite busy in this thread already. I wish I was somewhere hot, (anybody want to swap) its so cold, dark and windy here in Blackpool. Not good. At work today again so will try pop on as often as I can but can't promise.

Hugs to all those who arent feeling great, Natalie good luck with the job ap and hope Josh has a good day at nursery.Karen ope you Hubby feels better and doctors/hospital goes well for him and your mum.

Morning Barbara, Nikki, Maggie, Lauren and anybody I've missed.



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Oh Lauren I completely understand that, sometimes I forget and don't realise your on a different day to us! What a muddle I could get in! Wouldn't mind living in the heat you have, might be too hot but oh what a joy it would be to live on the otherside of the world.


Thanku Susan! Same to you, PM anytime!


Morning Anna, hope you have a good day whatever you do.


Morning karen! All the best for your Mum and Hope your DH can get an appointment soon. Hope your keeping well hunny. Enjoy your day!


Morning maggie! How are you keeping hunny? Lovely to hear you had a lie in hunny. hope you enjoyed your breakfast. enjoy your day whatever you do!


Morning Nikki! Sorry to hear Daisy still not feeling too good! hope she got a good sleep. Have fun at the new craft shop and enjoy rest of your day hunny!


Morning Barbara! Hope you are well hunny, enjoy brekkie and enjoy your day!


Well, I got some more sleep thank goodness! Was awake around half eight! Feel well this morning, not as bad as I have been! Waiting for Ava to go off for her nap so I can get showered and that! Beautiful morning here so shall get Avas' clothes wash out on the line to dry!


Enjoy your day all.


Natalie x

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Thanks Vamp morning hun :) Got an appointment at 10.30 for Hubby.. He was moaning because I didnt make myself an appointment, but im feeling much better, he's in constant pain so he's top priority. :)



Have a great day everyone Hugs Karen

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Oooops sorry vamp! Morning to you! Would be good if we could do a house swap eh? Have a good day and hope work goes ok for you. Thanks for your kind words hunny


Karen, delighted you feel much better now! let us know how your hubby is later.





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Oh How annoying I just checked my MOT Due date and ive missed it LOL OPPS, now have to take it to a drive in test centre, I got the car last year but tax disc runs out End Nov so the MOT date threw me completely. Karen

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