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My birthday coming up I see

What will I do who will I see?

this year's unique I'll tell you why

Enough going on to make one cry.


Cry on your birthday? what's that all about

"For goodness sake" I hear you shout.

We'll be moving that day,other side of the town

If the family come and don't let us down.


Last year I saw no  one,Unusual for me

Usually have visists from two or three.

We live at the top of a very high hill

But the other home will be flatter still

than a millpond, but oh what cheer

but I will  miss  my friends when moving from here.


But the kitchen is great, can craft in there

with washable floor, no carpet for care.

So once we are settled and crafting goes on

Birthday and Christmas is over and gone.


So this year for Christmas we hopefully say

How nice to be setted for Christmas Day.

The family won't be there, they party and so

We'll be on our own, quiet, not on the go.


But I hope that someone will knock at the door

New neighbours perhaps, but we are not sure.

I'll have some mince pies to offer if so

and hope they will chat before onward go..



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