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Anniversary Dates and Gifts

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am sorting out a diamond anniversary and whilst I would love to buy some cant afford diamonds, so making mums necklace (her gift) from sterling silver and swarovski crystals. Mum loves them ( just like me could never resist any thing sparkly and swarovski certainly comes into this category) and they sparkle just like the real thing not finished yet but here's what I have done so far. Mum has seen one of the romanov links and loves it cant wait to finish it and see her face when I give it to her. I am really proud of this design its by far the most glam one I have done. I love working with sterling just wish I could afford more.



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Anniversary Date Traditional Gift Given Modern Gift Given


1st Paper - Clocks

2nd Cotten - China

3rd Leather - Crystal/Glass

4th Linen/Silk - Electrical Appliances

5th Wood - Silverware

6th Iron - Wood

7th Wool/copper - Pen & Pencil sets

8th Bronze - Linen/Laces

9th Pottery/China - Leather

10th Tin/Aluminium - Diamond Jewellery

11th Steel - Fashion Jewellery

12th Silk - Pearls/coloured gems

13th Lace - Textiles/Furs

14th Ivory - Gold jewellery

15th Crystal - Watches ]

20th China - Platnium 25th Silver - Sterling Silver 30th Pearl - Diamond

35th Coral - Jade

40th Ruby - Ruby

45th Sapphire - Sapphire

50th Gold - Gold

55th Emerald - Emerald

60th Diamond - Diamond


Hope this will be of some great help to all you members!

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