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Found 39 results

  1. HVCapetillo

    Hello everyone!

    This is my first time on this forum and I'm glad to be part of a passionate bunch! A bit about me - I'm Heather, 52 years old and have been working for 3 years at Dutch Label Shop, a custom clothing label company. I've been sewing for over 20 years and it has been my life's passion. I'm looking forward to learning a lot of new things from everyone!
  2. thedressmakersnewclothes

    The 1950's Dress from Sew Vintage

    Hi, I've just finished making the 1950's dress that was in Sew Vintage. It's a really lovely dress to make and wear. I'd recommend it if you're looking for a new project. There a bit more information about the dress on my blog Anyone else make the same dress?
  3. barbaramc

    One of my many creations.

    One of my creations, a knitted hat perfect for winter! By the way, if you're looking for good labels check out the dutch label shop, I get my labels there. xoxo, Barb
  4. Little Thread

    Beginner Newbie Help - How to Start Sewing?

    Hello Everyone, I am a new stitcher here. At school I vaguely remember doing a little Cross Stitch, sewing a basic rectangle shape lined bag with a zip, and sewing two pieces of fabric together using a sewing machine. But that seems such a long time ago now! I am feeling inspired from watching The Great British Sewing Bee on TV, and would love to start sewing and working from patterns. I was just wondering, where should I start? What project did you start sewing with? What would you recommend I start with? I consider myself to be a complete newbie to sewing, and would love to start from the basics with hand sewing, what do you think I should try making? And can I try making anything without a pattern? Where to begin? Any help and advice you can offer would be very greatly appreciated! Many Thanks,
  5. Hello, I am a newbie here, I joined from the sewmag.co.uk website today, having bought my first issue of the magazine. I'm feeling inspired to try some sewing after watching The Great British Sewing Bee! I also like to dabble with Art Journaling, Scrapbooking (I love Rubber Stamping and Decoupage!), Drawing, and Embroidery. I would love to learn and try Blackwork Embroidery, Tapestry / Needlepoint, Zentangle, and any new Papercraft techniques! Looking forward to making some new likeminded friends on here for some shared inspiration, encouragement and techniques. Best Wishes,
  6. Sian_W

    Hello crafters!

    Hi there crafters, Just a little hello to introduce myself...I'm Sian, Editorial Assistant on Sew magazine. What have you been sewing lately? We'd love to hear about your latest stitchy projects! Happy stitching!
  7. glitterpunk

    DIY Fried Egg Hair Clip

    Hi guys! First time posting here I've just put a DIY felt fried egg hair clip on my blog and thought you might like it It's kinda out there but it does look really cool on! http://glitterpunk.co.uk/blog/diy-felt-fried-egg-hair-clip/
  8. EllieShapcott

    Help for Final Year Project

    Dear All, I am a current student at Nottingham Trent University working of my final year piece. I am a part time crafter and enjoy making jewellery in my spare time, however I have noticed that it is really hard to find specialised craft furniture in the current market. Crafting is definitely on the boom and there are many people that love to craft from home but don't have the space or equipment. Currently from my primary research I have realised that the current furniture offered doesn't include much storage or adjustable working space. Could you possibly answer the questions below to help me understand the workspaces of a full time crafter and a hobby crafter? If there is anything that you feel I have missed and haven't asked please do not hesitate to comment. Please share around as the more crafters who answer the better my research will be and the more practical the final product will be. Thank you and best wishes.
  9. debrartin

    Sewing Machines etc

    Hi guys. I am sure Adopta Co-op would especially appreciate a sewing machine. It has been set up to assist widows affected by the bombing. Have a look at the website, it has contact details too. Have a great trip
  10. While you are still working on your projects for Pinkpuppy's Butterfly Challenge, and cards for for Thinking of You week, you can cast your crafty minds ahead for this challenge which overlaps. ALL CRAFTS, ANYTHING HALLOWE'ENY & FIREWORKS, UP TO THREE ENTRIES - AS LONG AS THEY ARE ALL DIFFERENT CRAFTS!!! DO YOUR THINGS, TAKE A PIC POST IT UP ON THIS THREAD Closes on 31st October, so there's plenty of time to think, make and do. Overseas very welcome. (I am well prepared to mortgage the cat to pay postal charges in case one of you wins a prize!)
  11. African wax print fabric - cushion cover and matching lampshade
  12. patriciacrafter

    Are craft fairs a good idea?

    Good morning everyone, I have only just joined and as I have now retired, wonder if I should be taking my crafting to craft fairs. My main hobby is making fantasy dolls, rag dolls, cloth bags and felt animals / cushions. My only concern is what to charge for the items; if I can cover the cost of the materials I will be happy but I just don't know where to start. Look forward to your comments. Pat
  13. asparticus

    Sew Mag 60 drape top

    Hello, I'm doing the great brittish sewing bee drape top from issue 60 (june 2014) sew H&S. I've completed step 7 but I have got stuck. It says to fold the necktie over to the wrong side so it covers the gathers you have made and then sew it up. which I did, but my stitches show all along the tie and now all along the front. The diagram says to do that but the pictures of the finished item don't show stitching an looks a lot neater. Does anyone know how to stitch it up so the stitches can't be seen? The only way I could think of would be to do it inside out, but there is no way of turning the right way around with the front already attached. Thanks asparticus
  14. SewingAvenue

    Sheer Fabric Shirt

    I challenged myself to make a Sheer Shirt from a very uninspiring patternhttp://www.sewingavenue.com/
  15. SewingAvenue

    Sarah from Sewing Avenue

    Hi, my name is Sarah and sewing is my life and recently started blogging about my projects at Sewing Avenue. I started as a young child like most of us, sewing clothes for my Barbie ( I love Barbie and fashion Dolls). I made my own fashion from anything I could find in the 80’s, emulating pop icons and film stars. I have both a diploma and BA Hons in Art, including textiles. By the 90’s I was working in one the countries top theatre wardrobe department. Since then I have travelled the world with my husband while maintaining my love of sewing and fashion. I try not to let a day go by without either sewing, shopping for fabric and notions or collecting ideas. Inspiration comes from many sources, high end fashion shows, celebrities, fabrics, art and even what I see people wearing in the street or in shop window display. I like to keep open to new ideas while staying classic, after all I’m not 20 anymore. Please take a look at my blog which is at www.sewingavenue.com and please please provide me with some comments as I am just starting out. Looking forward to sharing on this forum. Thanks
  16. SewingAvenue

    Gingham Fabric

    One of the main reasons why I sew my own clothes is so that I can achieve a good, hopefully great, fit. Shop bought ready to wear is made for the average sizes and lets face it but very few of us are a perfect average and few of us would ever want to be! www.sewingavenue.com/gingham-dress/
  17. quailpower

    Stitch Problems!

    No matter what fabric I try to stitch on, my machine drops stitches!! I'm so upset and frustrated I've been fighting with it all morning. Fiddle with tension, changed needle, cleaned it, nothing seems to work!! Advise please
  18. Tyrellabs

    Sewing table

    For my A2 Design, I am designing, making and marketing a textiles workspace, where the main feature is going to be a mechanism so that the sewing machine can move under the desk (eg. rotation) in order to move out of the way when tidying the area. I need to research my target market, so if anybody is interested in sewing, or crafts of any kind it would be very helpful if you could answer the following questions: What do you think is the most important function of a textiles workspace? Do you think it will be beneficial if the chair and a desk are combined as a unit? What functions would you like specifically for you in a desk? Do you think it is difficult for your desk to be clutter free and what items are always occupying your workspace? What essential items do you keep in your normal workspace? Do you lean over your desk a lot when you work? Thank you very much!!!
  19. SewingAvenue

    how to sew a concealed zipper

    This is a little how to I made for putting in a concealed zipper, hope it is useful. Click here to have a look.
  20. SewingAvenue

    Scuba Fabric

    Hi, I get very excited by innovation in fabric technology. It is moving very rapidly, especially in the field of sports wear and practical outerwear clothing manufacture. One of these relatively new fabrics which has made its way through the production process and is now both available to the home sewist and cheap enough to be affordable is Scuba. So I purchased some fabric a few weeks ago and made this Bodycon dress in Red Scuba, wrote a blog on how I did it here. What do you think?
  21. I was wondering what are everyone's favourite sewing notions? That thing that you just can't do without, if you mislay it or break it you have to get another straight away. Or what have you bought that everyone said was great and you have found useless? My most favourite is wonder clips. Oh I just love being able to clip the fabric together instead of using pins. Every time I use pins I stab myself several times, or put the pins in the fabric the wrong way so the head of the pin is closest to the sewing machine needle when I'm sewing making it awkward to take it out, unless I remove the pin about a foot away from machine. The fabric doesn't always lie flat with pins and sometimes they are difficult to put in thicker fabrics. Clips are so much easier and faster and if I drop them on the floor I don't worry that I'm not wearing shoes. I like the clips so much I have two boxes of the small ones in two different colours and I have some longer ones in green.
  22. craftfairy

    Bow making Craze

    My latest craze is for making hair bows. I know that it's a craze because I currently have over a hundred bows, made ready for the craft fairs that I am going to attend. So please have a look and see if you like them.
  23. Rebecca Atherton

    Knitting group: Canary Wharf and Soho

    I am setting up a new knitting group from November 2014. It will be situated in London, meet twice a week, once in Canary Wharf and once in Soho, and take place during the day at 11am. It will be on Tuesday's and Thursday's. I am looking for other like-minded individuals who are around during the day to join. Could you please post this information for me. And if you know anywhere else I might post it successfully, I would be very grateful. Thanks, Rebecca.
  24. Hello crafters! It's that time again when we want to hear from YOU! Our October issue has been out for nearly a week, so we'd love to know what your favourite project was. Simply take part in the poll above to have your say! For me, it just has to be the woodland hoop art. Happy crafting, Rosie
  25. Katy McIntosh

    Dachshund correction (issue 62)

    Hi stitchers! Loads of you have made little Dave the dachshund from our August issue, and you all seem to love him! However, we've found a small mistake in the instructions - most of you seem to have cleverly stitched him naturally and not even noticed! In step 4, you should pin and sew the two bellies together along the belly, not along the legs. We're very sorry for any inconvenience this error has caused and hope this helps anyone who might be having problems. Happy stitching!