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Found 13 results

  1. maritrez

    AUTUMN keeper and fruit

    Here is a box I recycled for the September Swaps. Linda set the theme in All Crafts - autumn colours but made to hold something. I covered it with autumn leaves paper, and embellished it with a 3D decoupage of a crysanthemum. Filled the compartments with autumn-shaded notions. I also had to crochet a fruitbowl, but since the fruit themselves weren't important, I made a fruity banner to go inside!
  2. maritrez


    Trying to choose my entry for Pinkpuppy's BUTTERFLY challenge - Here are two sets of bunting I have made - I drew out a couple of templates and went for it! The first is from my stash, from an assortment of background papers, hung on a cord twisted from embroidery floss. The second from recycled craft magazine pages - I just had to clear the decks, and this occurred to me! I went round the shapes with inkpads in case they didn't stand out. Like them both!
  3. Craftysandy

    Baby card

    Card made for a neighbours niece
  4. Craftysandy


    Here is a tag I made for a swap!
  5. Craftysandy

    Baby card

    Card made for a neighbours niece
  6. I have been a bit busy lately with hospital visiting, and sadly a funeral, but if it isn't too late I shall take on the September swap for those interested!! All-Crafts; ANYTHING HALLOWE'ENY maritrez Fenicia -arrived safely!! Papercrafts: 2 Toppers or Tags - or 1 of each - MALE (always useful!) maritrez Fenicia -arrived safely!! Crafty Nannie - arrived safely!! Image Swap : 5 different, black on white card , OPEN SUBJECT maritrez Fenicia -arrived safely!! Crafty Nannie - arrived safely!! All welcome to any or all three Swaps. Please enclose a Self-Addressed envelope or Label, with stamps for exchange Swap. Overseas, please enclose crafty bits in lieu of postage! Players please leave names on a post below, and message me if you haven't my addy!
  7. Hello crafters! It's that time again when we want to hear from YOU! Our October issue has been out for nearly a week, so we'd love to know what your favourite project was. Simply take part in the poll above to have your say! For me, it just has to be the woodland hoop art. Happy crafting, Rosie
  8. Freaky Fairy

    Hello fellow crafters!

    Hi all! I don't normally post in forums but I do read through and love the tips, tricks and alternate ideas! I'm probably classed as an intermediate crafter although I'm getting better, medically retired so have a lot of time on my hands, even if the time I take means I'll never be able to work productively to create multiples! I've always been a bit of a DIYer, creating things when I couldn't find the exact thing I envisioned. I started making cards as I begrudged paying a fortune for a standard card that has been mass produced. I tend to craft across all platforms, (excuse me if I sometimes don't say the real phrase my poor brain has been bombarded with nasty meds that have left their footprints in my brain,) i.e. I colour, paint, create and buy embellishments and PC/Printed things. So that leads me to why I need to pick you're brains........My beloved HP inkjet all in one printer has decided it is over worked and has become very jaundiced, meaning even though I've changed the cartridge, cleaned the system etc etc etc it has started printed in very pale black and extreme yellow only! It is a few years old but wasn't cheap at the P.O.P. but I have hammered it over the years with photo and card products so I will forgive its inconsiderate behaviour but that does mean I NEED a new colour printer! We have a 2nd laserjet all in 1 printer but its not colour and its not cost effective to get mine repaired/serviced, lowest quote is £49.99 and I can get a new one from approx the same price! So I'd like you input please? Which printer do you use for your crafting and why? Both our printers are HP, along with our laptops, but whilst I would prefer to stick to hp as I know their products I would actually be happy to go for a different make if needed! HP have a nasty habit of overcharging for their inks (£25 approx for 1 out of the 2 cartridges!!!) All I require is the ability to print photo quality pix, wireless connectivity and the ability to print on various mediums! Have any of you got any input as to what I should be looking for? Thank you Jojo
  9. Bit late, what with everything, but great thanks to all players and hostesses in the November swaps. Here's what I got: Knitting and Crochet Christmas decoration - ACORN the squirrel, from Stakreem! Isn't he sweet!! Christmas Tree decorations - smashing work here from Fenicia! Long sweater necklace - Beautiful in Blue, from Bigbunnies. (DD had her eyes on it immediately!) Smashing assortment of stamped images: Christmas ornaments, Tree in green or black & Santa's sleigh - Fenicia Pets ,and mouse dancing in snow - Crafty Nannie Toppers - Snowman from Crafty Nannie, Sympathy from Martingale. And thanks for the lovely RAKS ! Magpies Delights - what a beautiful owl!!And the beads too. And Nancy and Liz,for your lovely papers and crafty bits!!!
  10. Floatyflowers

    Envelope maker?

    Hi all. Im thinking about an envelope gadget thing. Do you use one? Find you dont need one? Any advice would be gratefully received Thanks! X
  11. Jennifer LGC/Papercrafter

    Latest papercrafts

    Hello everyone How's it all going? Have you made all of your Christmas cards yet? Every year I say I'll start earlier and earlier but I don't always manage to sadly, as is the way It'd be great to see what you've been making! I'll have to take some piccies of mine sometime. Hope you've all got a nice weekend ahead of you, it's Friday tomorrow! Jenny
  12. Hello everyone! For this issue of PaperCrafter we're wondering which of these papercrafts you'd most like to try your hand at. Personally, I'm rooting for marbling... or printing. Oh, there's too much to tempt me! Let us know your vote! Best wishes, Jennifer X
  13. Ruanney

    I'm new

    Hello everyone my name is Deborah. I started making cards late march so very new. I've always enjoyed creative activities but have really settled on paper craft. I just love looking at other people's work no matter how many I look at they are always so unique. Thank you all for your inspiration.