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Found 32 results

  1. It is months possibly years since I last posted on here,,,,and wonder how many of you remember me...I recognise some of the names....and wonder what is going on at the moment in the paper craft areasl.....greeting cards etc,....anyway...popped in to see what is going on at the moment.
  2. Laura's Whimsey

    Knitting groups (free)

    We run a knit and chatter group in Mells & Whimsey in Southsea, Hampshire. The dates of our 2015 Saturday monthly groups are 9 May, 6 June (Kim Hargreaves special), 4 July, 1 August, 5 September, 3 October, 7 November, 5 December. We also have a weekly lunchtime group 1130-1300 most Wednesdays. And for all crafts we have our Monday Make group which meets fortnightly (excepting bank holidays) Monday evenings 630pm to 830pm. These are on 11 May; 8 & 22 June; 6 & 20 July; 3 & 17 August; 7 & 21 September, 5 & 19 October, 9 & 23 Nov, 7 & 21 December 2015. These are all friendly, £FREE groups with hot and cold drinks available (we just ask for a small donation of your choice in any of our charity pots) If you want any more info please call the shop on 02392 838734. See you soon Laura
  3. l.newborough

    The new rowan mag is amazing

    Content removed - advertising
  4. barbaramc

    One of my many creations.

    One of my creations, a knitted hat perfect for winter! By the way, if you're looking for good labels check out the dutch label shop, I get my labels there. xoxo, Barb
  5. Love2KnitandSew


    Have you ever seen these?? "KNIT EVERYWHERE" T-shirts. Not sold in stores and ships worldwide!! All sizes and colors. WORTH CHECKING OUT!!
  6. Jennifer LGC/Papercrafter

    LGC finished makes, share to be featured

    ** POST YOUR MAKES HERE ** Hi all We'd love to see your makes at LGC and what you've enjoyed in our previous issues! We're looking to expand our letter pages further with all of your latest makes so please share them with us, we'd love to see! Plus, there's £50 of Hobbycraft vouchers up for grabs. Take care, Jennifer, LGC team
  7. Hi All: Here's a neat video tutorial on no needle scarf knitting - it's easy, fast and a good craft for kids too: http://www.craftvideolibrary.com/#!cross-stitch-video-library/ily1a
  8. EllieShapcott

    Help for Final Year Project

    Dear All, I am a current student at Nottingham Trent University working of my final year piece. I am a part time crafter and enjoy making jewellery in my spare time, however I have noticed that it is really hard to find specialised craft furniture in the current market. Crafting is definitely on the boom and there are many people that love to craft from home but don't have the space or equipment. Currently from my primary research I have realised that the current furniture offered doesn't include much storage or adjustable working space. Could you possibly answer the questions below to help me understand the workspaces of a full time crafter and a hobby crafter? If there is anything that you feel I have missed and haven't asked please do not hesitate to comment. Please share around as the more crafters who answer the better my research will be and the more practical the final product will be. Thank you and best wishes.
  9. wilkinsonpa13

    Knitted Doll Clothes

    I want to make up the doll clothes in Let's Get Crafting Knitting & Crochet. However, I cannot find either "Tinsel" or "Jingle" yarn anywhere, and I don't know what type of yarn this is. There is no gauge given. Anyone know?
  10. maritrez

    September Swap makes

    Linda set the themes - a DOLL, sewn or knitted, but with a purpose. Mine has a long skirt to store plastic carriers in. And a crocheted FRUITBOWL in autumn colours. This is mine. A bit of a challenge, but great fun!
  11. The Feminine Touch

    Hello from a newbie

    hello I'm new to the forums ,so please bare with me. I live in Huddersfield , West Yorkshire ; its a rainy afternoon ,so I thought I'd do a little browsing and chatting. I am not working at the moment ,so do lots of crafty stuff , and find myself on-line a lot too. I love reading blogs , so if anyone has one they want me to take a read of , then let me know. Sandra
  12. I was given a set of round knitting looms for Christmas they are basically much larger version of the old Cotton reel and nail French knitting dollys many of used as children. I've made 4 hats but here are the 2 larger sizes
  13. mskolonko

    student research

    Hi, I am final year Interior Design Student from University of Huddersfield. I am currently working on my final major project which is going to be explore relations between knitting, coding and community. I was hoping that you could help me with my research. I have prepared a short survey, it would be a massive help if you could fill it in for me. It takes less than 2 minutes to complete, I promise. Here is the link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/7C978FV Thank you so much in advance!
  14. Rebecca Atherton

    Knitting group: Canary Wharf and Soho

    I am setting up a new knitting group from November 2014. It will be situated in London, meet twice a week, once in Canary Wharf and once in Soho, and take place during the day at 11am. It will be on Tuesday's and Thursday's. I am looking for other like-minded individuals who are around during the day to join. Could you please post this information for me. And if you know anywhere else I might post it successfully, I would be very grateful. Thanks, Rebecca.
  15. Hello crafters! It's that time again when we want to hear from YOU! Our October issue has been out for nearly a week, so we'd love to know what your favourite project was. Simply take part in the poll above to have your say! For me, it just has to be the woodland hoop art. Happy crafting, Rosie
  16. Hello there knitters! We've been having a bit of a redesign this month and we're giving some parts of the magazine an exciting new look! With regards to the Tea Break pages, we'd love you to keep contributing photos of your recent makes for us to feature. Have you tried out a new technique recently? Show us the finish project if you're proud of it! Have you got a new favourite yarn? Show us how it looks when knitted up! We're really looking forward to seeing what you've been up to! Katie
  17. Hi all, I have just joined the forum as I feel I need a little extra help and would like to chat to like minded people who enjoy the same things as I do. I hope not to be a pest but I am knitting my first thing other than a scarf and I am really struggling. It is a matinee coat for a friend's baby. So I am doing my first sleeve it says: Beg with k row, cont. in st st inc 1 st at each end of 5th(7th, 7th) row and every foll 10th(10th, 12th) row until there are 39(43,47) sts. I am following the middle size so hoping to end up with 43 sts. So I have inc the 7th row (youtube helped A LOT!) and I am wondering does the pattern mean I increase again on row 10 or does it mean row 17? Thank you ever so much in advance, Meg
  18. artym

    New Craft Group

    Frist day of the first meeting of a new Craft group at the Church today...only a handful ofpeople but we knitted and nattered and commented on various crafts.I took along some of my card making bits and pieces and it seemed to draw attention....one lady who came in, I have never met before, but she seemed quite taken with my (tea bag folding) and my folder showing types of card I have made in the past. She even took photos, so hope she inspires more people to come along...Must say I left after 2 hours(that was half way through) as was so exhausted...just the medication I am on, but enjoyed the morning and hopefully the interest will grow with more folk going along in the future...Had to think carefully about the bits to take for a few cards as obviously can't take everything, so concentrated on papers I had pre cut at home, double sided tape and some tea bag folding....plus a few brads and peel offs and voila, instant cards......another lady had worked over the years on a family tree on fine X sitch....absolutely a work of art and beautifully done.....so great to see what others are doing...yes a good group will come out of todays start I feel.....
  19. Jennifer LGC/Papercrafter

    Nominate a friend in The Granny Awards

    Hello everybody, I just thought I'd tell you about a competition that Let's Get Crafting: Knitting & Crochet magazine are currently running... If you know a knitting grandma who deserves a treat, then now is the time to tell us about somebody who deserves to be spoiled! The lucky lady will receive a Breezie, which is a new tablet service that comes on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 tablet, worth over £300 - it's designed for the technophobic adult and makes life on the internet really easy! If you know somebody then you can enter here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/H6SMX9G Any questions please ask, Jenny, LGC team
  20. beverley j


    Hi guys in new to this and knitting :-) any tips or advice e would be great When I'm knitting I tend to drop a stitch and don't realize or I add a stitch any tips on how I can avoid doing this please :-D
  21. alycela81

    Hello to all you knitters!

    Hello! My name's Alice and I'm a campaigner with the charity Age UK. I'm very new to the craft scene (and to this forum) but I thought I'd mention Age UK's latest campaign, Spread the Warmth, because it involves... knitting! You may have seen the recent figures that 24,000 older people could die from the cold this winter. But basically it doesn't have to be this way: with proper insulation nearly all homes could be made much warmer, and many deaths could be prevented. This is why Age UK is calling on the Government to invest in making millions of homes much more energy efficient using the money it is already receiving in carbon taxes. This would be enough to pay for energy efficiency measures in at least 9 million homes over the next 15 years. As part of our campaign, we're inviting people to knit a square with a house on it and the message: 'Warm homes now', and send it to their local MP. We've produced a leaflet with instructions and an easy-to-follow knitting pattern.There's more information here on our website. Anyway do let me know what you think! Thanks, Alice. Warm_Homes_campaign_knitting_leaflet.pdf
  22. Hazel_L

    Christmas Jumper

    Afternoon all, I'm new to knitting so thought this would be the ideal place to ask questions... I'm starting this http://action.peta.org.uk/ea-action/action?ea.client.id=5&ea.campaign.id=23931 before christmas, I'm up to around 30 rows but still such a tiny ammount, in a little over a week. How long would this take a seasoned knitter? Thanks for any help!
  23. Jennifer LGC/Papercrafter

    Send us your knitting group pics to be featured in LGC

    Hello everybody! I write for Let's Get Crafting: Knitting and Crochet magazine! We're expanding our letters page and are now looking for knitting/crochet groups to write to us with their pictures, telling us what you've been up to. Whether you've been knitting for charity or any other campaigns, just for fun, or have created something from LGC - then we can't wait to hear! If you're featured, you will win a bundle of luxury yarn loveknitting.com . Email me at jennifer.ward@aceville.co.uk - it will be lovely to hear from you. X
  24. Hello everybody! I write for Let's Get Crafting: Knitting and Crochet magazine! We're expanding our letters page and are now looking for knitting/crochet groups to write to us with their pictures, telling us what you've been up to. Whether you've been knitting for charity or any other campaigns, just for fun, or have created something from LGC - then we can't wait to hear! If you're featured, you will win a bundle of luxury yarn loveknitting.com . Email me at jennifer.ward@aceville.co.uk - it will be lovely to hear from you. X
  25. aimeeneon

    Handy Crafts Workshop

    Hi Everyone, My mum has just opened a new shop full of her wears, it would be lovely if you could have a look and share with friends.