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Found 12 results

  1. Helllooo I have metal office blinds on my windows in my flat. They are quite unsightly so would like to dress them with some curtains. However i don't know what style I should have and also the big problem of how to fix them to the windows. The windows open inwards so it is not possible to put up one big curtain rail. It is a rented property so I can't take them down either. The only idea I have had so far is to sew in magnets to the curtains as the tops of the blinds are metal. I need some inspiration with the style of curtain that I want. I don't want blackout I just want to put some sort of fabric up to make it feel more homely. I have 9 windows in total so it needs to be something cheap aswell which was why I was planning on making my own Please help!!
  2. asparticus

    Sew Mag 60 drape top

    Hello, I'm doing the great brittish sewing bee drape top from issue 60 (june 2014) sew H&S. I've completed step 7 but I have got stuck. It says to fold the necktie over to the wrong side so it covers the gathers you have made and then sew it up. which I did, but my stitches show all along the tie and now all along the front. The diagram says to do that but the pictures of the finished item don't show stitching an looks a lot neater. Does anyone know how to stitch it up so the stitches can't be seen? The only way I could think of would be to do it inside out, but there is no way of turning the right way around with the front already attached. Thanks asparticus
  3. JoannaG

    Cute Plush Dog Instructions

    Hi there!! Does anyone still have instructions for the cute Plush Dog Toy that appeared in last Junes magazine - I have managed to download the template but cant find any instructions - any help would be gratefully received - many thanks Joe
  4. I'm teaching myself to crochet using Issue 68 of the magazine by I'm struggling with the flower headband pattern. When making the headband itself Rows 3 and 4 seem to increase the number of stitches each time, with no decreasing. Row 3 is miss stitch, dc, miss stitch, (1tr, 1ch, 1tr, 1ch, 1tr) into one stitch and Row 4 is the same but with a different starting point. No matter how I try to read it I'm adding stitches all the time. Is there an error in the pattern and one row is supposed to have decreases in it somewhere? Thanks for your help.
  5. knitpip

    Pattern help please

    Hello, I'm struggling with a pattern from the "Winter Warmers" lift-out in the Let's Knit magazine. I'm trying to knit the Fun Fair chevron patterned slouchy hat from Patons (leaflet 3954) on page 16. I'm stuck on round three. Changing colours to yarn B. The two rounds prior to this, after first creating a k1, p1, rib, is: Round 1: k to end inc four sts evenly across rnd. 64 sts (OK) Round 2: *k3, (yfwd) twice, k1, rep from * to end (OK) Change to yarn B Round 3: *K1BW, k1, wyib sl 1 pwise, drop yfwds from prev rnd, k1, rep from * to end Where K1BW = insert RH needle into next st two rows below, k this st, k next st on LH needle, pass pulled loop over the top of this st and off needle], k1, wyib sl 1 pwise, drop yfwds from previous round This is where I'm stuck - could someone try stepping me through K1BW please? Hopefully that will make the rest of round 3 easier, because at the moment I think I must be doing the first bit wrong so the rest isn't correct/possible either. Thank you!!! Happy knitting :-) pip
  6. Towst

    Recliner Cover

    Has anyone successfully made their own cover for a recliner? I made one a while ago, when I bought some new recliners but I wasn't very happy with it. It would have been ok if it had only been me using it but my husband and boys never straightened it out after they sat on it and it just got more and more pulled about. In the end I took it off because it always looked scruffy and wasn't really protecting the chair. I'd like to have another go but I don't really know where to start. Links to a tutorial or just a picture of one you've made would be appreciated. I know you can buy them but the recliners I bought are larger than most recliners, almost big enough for two people to sit on, certainly an adult and a child can sit together. So store bought covers would look silly.
  7. Hi, I have only just come across Knitting and Crochet magazine (Issue 59) and decided to knit Bramble Bunny. I found the free pattern for Bramble from issue 57 published online in the free patterns section. I have made the outfits for it from issues 59 and 60 but was wondering if anyone could provide me with the pattern for Brambles outfit from issue 58?? I am obviously unable to buy issue 58 but would love to have the full set of outfits for bramble!, Many thanks Jo
  8. Sewing-Bee22

    Help Men's shirt reconstruction

    I've just brought a mens shirt that has full length sleeves as I find they fit me better than ladies shirts but I want to turn the arm length from full to 3 quarter ones but have only found how to make them short like a t-shirt. If anyone can help please let me know:)
  9. Hi all, I'm not too sure if this is the correct forum but I really need some help!. I started learning to crochet about a week ago and I have most of the basic stitches down but I picked up a copy of Knitting and Crochet because there was a really cute pattern for some Critter coasters but the wording has left me really confused. Rnd 2: 1ch, (1dc, 2dc in next stitch) to end. Join with a sl st to first st. 18 Sts Rnd 3: 1ch, (2dc in first st, 2dc) to end, join with a sl st to first st. 24 sts The part in bold is where I am lost, I put 2 double crochets in the first stitch but if I put 2 dc's in the rest of the stitches it adds up to a lot more than 24 stitches.
  10. I'd like to knit the baby tank top in issue 54 as a xmas gift however the pattern only states "baby tank top". I want to knit this for a three year old. My guess is this would be too small but I'm new to knitting and need help on resizing. I may have been able to find info on the web if I knew the original size. I'm aware there I will not have enough yarn in my kit so have an alternative yarn (particularly as I want to make the mittens too!) I would be grateful for any help. Thanks
  11. hathiacsl

    missing instructions

    I'm struggling with knitting the Santa socks in issue 55 of knitting and crochet mag. It says step 4 is "turning the heel" and reducing to ten stitches. I can't work out how to do this. My pattern goes from heel flap straight to heel gusset. Can anyone help me please?
  12. nicolagarrett88

    Singer 1507 Bobbin won't wind!!!

    Hello, Can anybody help me please? I have a basic singer sewing machine (the 1507) and its 18 months old. I've been using it today and my bobbin ran out of thread, so went to wind a new one only to find it wouldn't wind. I threaded it correctly to wind, pushed to bobbin to the right to set it to wind mode and it just won't take. The bobbin itself spins (its a plastic bobbin if that makes any difference) but the thread wont take, it seems like it won't move from the spool of thread. The needle isn't moving (I've googled this problem a lot and that seems to be the issue with the old singer machines, but its not relevant for mine.) I've loosened the top screw ever so slightly that the thread has to wind round anti-clockwise to go on to the bobbin. My other half seems to think it is some sort of tension problem (not be confused with thread tension for the actual sewing, this works fine) One more question, can plastic bobbins wear out? I've reused this same cheap little bobbin a fair few times, could this be part of the problem? I'm really annoyed its not working. I'm just finishing up my first quilt and was hoping to finish tonight and now I can't! Thanks in advance