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Found 8 results

  1. I don't want eBay or Etsy, please, I am trying to find an online seller of fabric, namely Cotton Organdy. So far, searching on the internet Ive found TWO yes only two sellers, one I am familiar with but I would like some more options. I am looking for UK sellers, reason being I do not want a reseller or seller from China. With the global trade options now I can order something from the UK and it will be here in short time, and little to no shipping charges I am in the US, I order things online from the UK about once per month. We used to have a large fabric store online and brick and mortar called Hancock Fabrics, these stores were in every city! Well, apparently no one makes anything these days and the wonderful shop went bankrupt! We do have a very large crafts store in US called Michaels and they too are online and the prices look very good. If you know of a shop or seller that will ship to US, please let me know. Admins/Mods if this is against the rules I apologize, it is a legitimate question I assure you. I am in search of the stiff 100% cotton organdy fabric. Thank you all
  2. Helllooo I have metal office blinds on my windows in my flat. They are quite unsightly so would like to dress them with some curtains. However i don't know what style I should have and also the big problem of how to fix them to the windows. The windows open inwards so it is not possible to put up one big curtain rail. It is a rented property so I can't take them down either. The only idea I have had so far is to sew in magnets to the curtains as the tops of the blinds are metal. I need some inspiration with the style of curtain that I want. I don't want blackout I just want to put some sort of fabric up to make it feel more homely. I have 9 windows in total so it needs to be something cheap aswell which was why I was planning on making my own Please help!!
  3. SewingAvenue

    Sheer Fabric Shirt

    I challenged myself to make a Sheer Shirt from a very uninspiring patternhttp://www.sewingavenue.com/
  4. SewingAvenue

    Gingham Fabric

    One of the main reasons why I sew my own clothes is so that I can achieve a good, hopefully great, fit. Shop bought ready to wear is made for the average sizes and lets face it but very few of us are a perfect average and few of us would ever want to be! www.sewingavenue.com/gingham-dress/
  5. Pixie-leigh

    Where to buy Fabric?

    Hi All, I am a newbie at sewing, I have found a great local fabric shop in Sheffield the only problem is I can only make it there on a Saturday and this is not very often. I have tried ordering online @ Fabric UK, they have great bargains for beginners such as myself, It is safe to say I will never deal with these again! the customer service is disgusting. I didn't hear anything for a whole week not even a dispatch email. I called and they guys was reluctant to help me. He then told me they had attempted delivery which is the most mystifying of all as I had the fabric arranged to be delivered to my work address as I am not home 8-6 mon - fri and the office looks onto the road!. I actually had the response from Fabric UK that they could not do anything to help me, I caved and asked for refund after numerous phone called over several days. They had the cheek to still charge me delivery cost! So after my moan, my ultimate question is where can I find great cheap fabric online to practice with all walk of different materials? Pixie-Leigh
  6. fabricman


    Hi guys and girls. My name is Mark from the UK and im interested in dressmaking from loom state fabrics (how niche is that!) anyhoo if you have any tips or questions please let me know.
  7. Katy McIntosh

    Fabric buying poll

    Hi stitchers! We want to know about your spending habits when it comes to buying fabric! If you've got a spare second, why not enter our quick poll and help us find out more about you?
  8. Big Swifty

    Cloth ...

    I saw an interesting article on Guardian online yesterday about men's fashions on the catwalk. I won't pass any comment on the design of the clothes, or the models, but I was amazed by the beauty of the fabrics on display there. It struck me that for men's clothing at least, the quality and design of the fabric is at least as important as, and often far more important in the finished article than, the actual design of the clothing. Obviously, top fashion designers have people calling on them all the time with new cloths and fabrics, but I wondered how everyone else here coped with the same problem ... This got me around to thinking about how and where we source our materials. Living out in the back of beyond, as I do, the biggest problem I face is in locating really nice, interesting fabrics with which to make clothes. I've had moderate success in trawling the internet and a certain well known auction site, but it would be really nice actually to find a shop or two with great materials. Does anyone have any recommendations they could make on great fabric shops in the Derbyshire/Staffordshire area?