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Found 6 results

  1. thedressmakersnewclothes

    The 1950's Dress from Sew Vintage

    Hi, I've just finished making the 1950's dress that was in Sew Vintage. It's a really lovely dress to make and wear. I'd recommend it if you're looking for a new project. There a bit more information about the dress on my blog Anyone else make the same dress?
  2. Little Thread

    Beginner Newbie Help - How to Start Sewing?

    Hello Everyone, I am a new stitcher here. At school I vaguely remember doing a little Cross Stitch, sewing a basic rectangle shape lined bag with a zip, and sewing two pieces of fabric together using a sewing machine. But that seems such a long time ago now! I am feeling inspired from watching The Great British Sewing Bee on TV, and would love to start sewing and working from patterns. I was just wondering, where should I start? What project did you start sewing with? What would you recommend I start with? I consider myself to be a complete newbie to sewing, and would love to start from the basics with hand sewing, what do you think I should try making? And can I try making anything without a pattern? Where to begin? Any help and advice you can offer would be very greatly appreciated! Many Thanks,
  3. Hi I'm looking for people who can teach Sewing, Dressmaking or Pattern Making in Manchester or all over the UK - please send me a pm if you are interested thanks Dan
  4. rose_king

    Newbie - first ever forum

    I thought I would post on here to say hello to everyone and introduce myself. 'Hello!' My name is Tamsin and this is the first forum I have ever joined. I'm from Cheshire and have been sewing, cutting and sticking since I was big enough to stick sequins on my Barbie's clothes. I'm really into anything that's practical and love having a go at new things but my main focus is dressmaking, patterndrafting and cutting and machine embroidery. I'm really looking forward to having other sewers to share ideas and discussions with! x
  5. crazysewer

    Fashion Fabrics

    Hi all, I've just joined, so forgive me if I have posted in the wrong place. I'm looking for some knitted textured jersey/polyester type fabric in cobalt blue. It seems to be THE colour this spring and I would like to make a few items for myself - skirt, dress, top and maybe a jacket - it's my favourite colour, but I just can't seem to find any fabrics that are textured. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks Crazysewer
  6. I made this dress from issue 3 of the Sew magazine - cheated a bit because I didn't have enough fabric to cut the skirt according to the pattern. So I made a long rectangle of fabric and gathered it to fit the bodice. But I encountered an interesting problem, and I have no idea how it came about! When I put the zip in, the waist seam either side of it had a difference in height of about an inch. BUT, the hem lined up exactly! And there was no broadening of the seam allowance at the waist. Also, the cutting was correct - the bodice hung evenly until I attached the skirt. I can't work out how I made the mistake, but still ended up with a garment that came out "right". Any ideas? I solved the imperfection by putting a bow over the offending seam-line, so you can't tell by looking at it, but I know it's there. H.x http://topstitcher.blogspot.com