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Found 4 results

  1. Little Thread

    Beginner Newbie Help - How to Start Sewing?

    Hello Everyone, I am a new stitcher here. At school I vaguely remember doing a little Cross Stitch, sewing a basic rectangle shape lined bag with a zip, and sewing two pieces of fabric together using a sewing machine. But that seems such a long time ago now! I am feeling inspired from watching The Great British Sewing Bee on TV, and would love to start sewing and working from patterns. I was just wondering, where should I start? What project did you start sewing with? What would you recommend I start with? I consider myself to be a complete newbie to sewing, and would love to start from the basics with hand sewing, what do you think I should try making? And can I try making anything without a pattern? Where to begin? Any help and advice you can offer would be very greatly appreciated! Many Thanks,
  2. HELLLLLP. I want to treat myself to a sewing machine for Christmas but have no idea where to start? I am a complete beginner and I am only hand sewing at the moment. Can anyone recommend a good, not to expensive machine for a newbie. I will take any suggestions, thanks
  3. Thrifty_Bee

    Novice Alert

    Good afternoon! As you may have ascertained from the topic title, I am relatively new to sewing. I've always patched jeans, hemmed trousers, made Halloween costumes, and other little things (a bow tie, cushions, etc), but I would dearly like to begin properly learning how to not only upcycle clothing, but also to make things from scratch! I've recently inherited stolen a sewing machine from my mum, and I'd like to start with restyling a denim shirt I used to love. It is nearly exactly the same as the one from the link, which is a fairly standard light denim shirt. I bought it years ago, when I was considerably smaller around the bust, and have since then gone up to a 36F. Consequently, I cannot for the life of me squeeze the popper buttons past the twins. My thinking was, I could make it bigger, and customise it nicely, by putting a panel down either side seam, and re-hemming neatly. Terrific idea, no? No. I've got as far as hacking off the sleeves, and now I'm slightly stuck. I've taken apart a cotton shirt, white with a pale blue paisley design, for the panel, but I'm unsure whether or not I can simply undo the side seams and shove the new fabric in between! I need it about four inches bigger for the buttons to even touch, but I'm now thinking that putting an extra bit of fabric at the sides would also mean needing to add some along the top seams? I really don't know. Basically, I'm just going for it. http://images.newlook.com/is/image/newlook/womens/tops/shirts-and-blouses/light-blue-denim-shirt-/282444944?$zoomPopup$&hei=425&wid=974 Any help would be gladly appreciated! Thanks so much, Rhian
  4. CraftyJess


    Hello, my names Jessica, 18 from Sheffield (yep I bet your wondering why the heck is a 18 year old doing crafts haha) I'm a beginner at doing crafty stuff I manly like doing card making and would love to do something like Scrapbooking next or soap making! Feel free to give me tips and tricks Many thanks Jess xx